Laser Pointer Toy – My Pet Cat Karma Kitty and Zombie Dog Love to Play

hello YouTube welcome back to my channel I’m glad you’re here today. So I’m sure you saw the title of this video you probably, have a pretty good idea of what is about to happen we’re gonna go upstairs and play with karma Kitty and zombie dog if he’s willing to play with the laser […]

Kitten and Laser

Kitten and Laser Kitten vs Laser

BIG CATS vs Laser Pointers!

We all know domestic cats like to chase laser pointers but what about big cats? Well, let’s find out.

Secret Service Cat

Everything on track? Perfectly according to plan, sir. How’s our new guy doing? Sir? *clears throat* That’s right, where is my professionalism? Test, test, one two, one two. *laser whirring* Test, test, one two, one two. No! *meow* *BANG* *screaming* AGENT BLUEBERRYYY!! *sobbing* Eight lives left! In honor of your service, I’d love to present […]

The Cat Who Caught the Laser

Oo Laser Im gonna get it “Keep trying Mate ” uuh so tired aaaahhhh uuh Im gonna try again *points laser* Catch it. *stares* hhm *focuses* YES I GOT IT Hey there guess what i caught it lol do u know wats going in right now? UR ON TV U KIDDIN ME? Im gonna end […]