Cat Surgery – What Did Kitty Eat?

Time. Cutting. Time. Cutting. 1:15 I can see where the old stitches were. So this isn’t the first time? Nope. A lot of scar tissue here. Surprisingly. Repeat offender? Yea, exactly. It’s flat so I can’t get around it. It’s like sticking to the bottom there. Do we have any allis’? Nah, hold on. I […]

The mama cat who adopts orphan kittens.

We clean fleas on kittens with apple cider vinegar. Then, without using shampoo, we wash their bodies with warm water and clean the fleas. Now they’re clean. We expect them to dry themselves. They’re going to drink milk to their new mother. That’s why they’re so excited. Kittens are very impatient and excited right now. […]

New Comer Cat In Street Feeding Colony

두배 덩치 고양이를 넘어트린 꼬마야옹이!!!🔥

“I’m bored” “Let’s wash your face.” His head is even messier lol “Let’s play now.” “Let’s keep washing your face.” “PLAY” “No” “NO” (Keep biting his paw lol) (Checking out mommy) “Ugh…” “I’m too old for this…” “Gosh…” ※ It’s not muted. They fight silently. (Ate a bunch of Yoji’s hair) Yoji’s satisfied now… “Why […]

Why cat enjoy to eat in this way? – Belly enjoy this playful way to eat.

Belly, come back! Finish your meal! Lunchtime Belly hasn’t finished her meal for several times. Naughty cat Ore and Reo are doing well Where are you going? Finish your meal. Come back! Please… Ok, Fine! You’re the boss. Do it with your favourite way Belly could keep eating forever with this playful way. Here, one […]

Paveł & Helucze – Dance Kitty (Official Music Video)

Im not a dancer But I got my moves Fire inside and nothing to loose I felt in love with the calling in my head Feel the riddim and follow my steps! Dance Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty … I got my 9 lives no time to suffer But I wouldn’t be alive If you stop […]

Lady Helps Cat Give Birth To Her Kittens | Kritter Klub

Cheeky kitty safe delivery project Head home! Cat’s meow tugs her conscience You can’t come in today Stray cat invades her apartment I can’t help that I feel most comfy here Out! Get out of here~ Apparently, this isn’t the first time this happened Navi couldn’t take care of her newborn kittens This lady lent […]

[vlog] #먼치킨 #새끼고양이와 #포메라니안 강아지 같이 키우기 – 합사 첫날부터 친해지기까지

The Clues: Kitty | Season 3 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER