Kitty-Cat & Crowbar Rogue – “Hand-hole.” (Comic Dub / Animation)

Hmm? Be back, Kitty. Huh!! Don’t DO that, Kitty-Ca- Huaua?! It’s stuck?! … and that’s what happened. hmhm… Little help?

Kitten Never Leaves Her Mother’s Dead Body | Kritter Klub

I can hear a cat crying A kitten sitting right next to its dead mother’s body Resident: I used to see the kitten walking around with its mother before and I started to get worried ever since I haven’t seen them walking around The kitten is constantly licking the mother cat’s dead body… At night, […]

Kitten Denies Being Jealous Of A Squirrel Adored By Grandmother | Kritter Klub

The master of the house=Kongee One day, a squirrel came in the house I’m going to destroy you Now is the time! Where do you think you’re going? Gotcha! You shouldn’t bully the squirrel The kitten is really jealous No I’m not Gosh! This isn’t fair!

Kitten Stuck In A Narrow Pit Grabs Passengers To Play With Him | Kritter Klub

I’m a baby cat Who fell into a pit Can anyone hear me..? Oh, I hear hoomans! Nabi~ Yes, I’m here! Fortunately Once a day, the door opens Kid 1 : Come here~ I’ll give you food Kid 2 : Don’t give too much, or else the cat will get a stomachache There you go~ […]

얘랑 같이 수업듣다가 다 재수강하게 생겼습니다 ㅣ Kitten Enrolls In Veterinary School..?!

Peekaboo 3-month-old kitten, Lumi Walks- Owner! Hug me…! Lying down A dog with a cat mask…? Not wary of the production staff Staff/ Lumi~ Meowhat~ Greets staff in comfy posture omgah Broken tongue The staff’s reaction is for real LOL Flustered Lumi Gotta see this cutesy tongue once again During class Why are you here?! […]

Why Does Your Cat’s Tongue Feel Like Sandpaper? | Deep Look

Cats are obsessed with staying clean. They can spend up to half their waking hours grooming. Their tongue is covered in tiny spines. They’re what makes the tongue feel so sandpapery. These spines, called papillae, are made of keratin, just like their claws and our fingernails. The papillae even look like miniature cat claws. They […]

Lazy Mother Cat Neglects Her Kittens | Kritter Klub

One Two 10 kittens Meow, the mother of 3 kittens Bell, the mother of 7 kittens Owner: Bell goes out frequently so Meow raises all the kittens herself Meow looks after the kittens all alone Bell is going out Enjoying the sunbath You’re going to have fun all by yourself? suckling go away crying Meow […]

Cat Keeps Stealing Another Cat’s Kittens | Kritter Klub

A peaceful afternoon Wait.. What? Oh they’re just playing Synchronism My feline intuition is telling me that something’s not right Why do you think I’m hiding? I’m watching you When you wanna go from Point A to Point B w/o being noticed You’re not John Cena.. I can see you You too Get back here […]

Kitten with a puppy to play, see the scenery, listen to music, and a small train

Hurry up, run fast, run fast, puppy, come on. Kitten, wait for me Haha Go to the cat to play Where did the kitten go? Haha, I am here. what sound? Go, go see Where did the puppy go? You can’t do it, I have to go around Small train Kitten, puppy: “Thank you for […]

엄마 나 이만큼 컸어요 ㅣ Kitten Says “Mom, I’ve Grown Up This Much.. Where Are You..?”

Guardian/ Hello~! Producer/ Rly grew up a lot hehe Guardian/ Grew up a lot? Producer/ Yes! So pretty The baby kitten who was crying for the mother And left alone W/ a cold body.. Guardian/ I was very worried.. Guardian/ Now the kitten plays well Guardian/ And prowls around With the new name, Kangmoo This […]