Pregnant Cat Couldn’t Give Up Her Kittens Even When Stranded On The Roof | Animal in Crisis EP89

A mysterious creature.. above a 20 meter high building? Informant : If that falls off by mistake It’ll be too dangerous since it’s too high.. Because she might fall to the concrete ground.. Don’t know how she went up there There’s no way she can go inside.. On the passage tunnel connecting two school building.. […]

Three Little Kittens | Songs And Videos | Nursery Rhymes For Kids

Three Little Kittens

Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Cat Veterinary Exam

We wanted also to go through a thorough physical exam and I’m going to ask the owner of this kitty cat that if they have any health concerns. So, that’s where we’re going to start. We want to go ahead and have a good look at your cat. I think I actually put your kitty […]

Kitten Care : Handling Orphan Kittens

This is an orphan kitten that’s about two weeks old. One of a member of a litter of six who are doing really well and who are being hand raised. For orphan kittens it’s very important that they get lots of handling and lots of socialization. So every day they need to come out, in […]

Three Little Kittens | Nursery Rhymes For Children by Kids Tv

Three Little Kittens

Kitten Care : How Long Do Kittens Nurse?

Let’s talk about how long do kittens nurse. Newborns right after they come out, right after the queen or mother cat stimulates them are generally going to be looking for that nipple to suckle on and get milk or nutrition from. Kittens are going to nurse until they are full and generally that can be […]

CSI — Kittytopia: presented by Meowvie Night with Spot the Kitty

Welcome to Meowvie Night with Spot the Kitty! Tonight’s meowvie is CSI Kittitopia, starring Baker as Agent Meowsers and Lance as Agent Fluffy. A DC! Cordon off the area and take lots of pictures. We have to figure out what happened! This kitty’s not getting his tuna tonight. We got this hair off the DC. […]

Green Baby LITTLE KITTENS CARE – Green Baby Cartoons

Welcome Green Baby lovers. Today we present another episode on OKG: LITTLE KITTENS CARE For more funny stop motion animation please click “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons to see another episodes on OKG Channel. And don’t forget to comment Look a puppy Cute puppy, let’s go and play with him Daddy daddy Why won’t you play […]

Raw Food Prep for Zoya the Ragdoll kitten at 15weeks.

Hi guys, welcome to my video This is my beautiful 15 week old American ragdoll Zoya. She is such a sweetheart. Really So Um I got her when she was nine weeks old and Uh… I think they used to feed her some cat food and whatnot. So I gradually got her to feeding raw, […]

How to keep cats entertained! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #12

Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic, we’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do. Today we’re finding out about ‘Playtime’. Well over the years, my cats have had hundreds of toys, they have had little mice they have had little bells, little balls that go everywhere, […]