Justin Bieber’s New Savannah Kittens Are a Bummer

[purring] Um, excuse me! [laughter] A lot of people are asking me my perspective on Justin Bieber and his new kittens. If you didn’t see, Justin Bieber just purchased two Savannah kittens. A Savannah kitten is a hybrid between a domestic cat like Cider and a wild cat, the serval. So my take on this […]

LAST TO SURVIVE WINS – Build HACKER Proof $10,000 GIANT LEGO Safe House in 24 HOUR Battle Challenge

(dramatic drum sound) – What’s up Spy Ninjas? We are back in Las Vegas, we are heading to the safe house right now. Justin’s house was compromised by Project Zorgo. We gotta check the safety of our safe house. – What are all these boxes doing here? – [Chad] Whoa! – [Daniel] Whoa! – Look […]