Red World HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

It’s red, it’s red! Just like the Twin Stars said It’s red, it’s red! What fun we have ahead! The sky is red And so are all of the trees And if we want We’ll eat red macaroni and cheese! Look there’s a red banana And a bright red Irish setter There’s a nice red […]

Kat Dennings Has Found a Home with the ‘Outlander’ Knitting Community

Hello, Kat. Hi, it’s me with my glasses. I know. Are these new glasses? They are new. Do you like them? I do. They’re very cool. Really? Yeah. Thank you. Portia has these– they’re very in style, these kind of large, kind of ’80s-type glasses now. She’s got some. I feel like they make like […]

A Sample Round of Exploding Kittens

Hi there, let’s just run through a sample round to show the game in action and demonstrate some moves. Most rounds of Exploding Kittens are actually a lot simpler than the one we’re about to show you. So if you’re able to follow along in this next example, then it’s probably safe to say you […]

“Umibozu (sea monster)” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character #189

Take a look~ Message board says, “Please understand that cats use this pool too.” That’s so cute Whoa, cats have actually come . . . What kind of creatures…? Where are the cats? Umibouzu (sea monster) – Since its ears are hidden, unclear if it’s really a cat. Reportedly has a good flutter kick​, but […]


– (children) Kids react to memes! This episode: Grumpy Cat! ♪ (playful music) ♪ – (gasps) – (both) Grumpy Cat! – Oh, I’ve seen this in a meme. – A kitty. – (cooing) It’s a kitty! – It’s so cute! – That’s what YouTube is– kitty videos. (laughing) – It’s weird. – He looks so […]

Ceaser Fires Kitty For Allegedly Sleeping w/ Ryan Henry | Black Ink Crew

– [Woman] Don’t look now, but it’s Ceaser and Ted. – [Sky] Oh, hey, brother. (muffled speaking) – [Sky] It’s really good. Hey, guys. – [Ceaser] Kit, can I talk to you for a minute in private? – Okay. I really don’t wanna talk to Cease, but if he’s ready to apologize about how disrespectful […]

HELLO KITTY Shanghai times – new THEME PARK

We have got tickets for hello kitty And I think its a little bit small inside but we dont know yet Its sooo big in here! Thank god you dont have to fly your drone He is going to make a tattoo The tattos is so sparkely We both made tattoos!

Cat Thieves Steal An Octopus To Eat it Alive | Kritter Klub

Trying to eat this octopus We are coming for you Follow me What is the cat keeping an eye out for? working hard Gotcha! Slap Octopus sticking on its head Owner: They love octopus so much that they eat it right away Octopus lovers, Byul and Bangwool I think they’re trying to be healthy It’s […]

Warthog escapes jaws of a leopard and tosses the big cat in the air

A squealing warthog seized its chance to break free from the clutches of a leopard when a hyena suddenly charged in  The warthog was trapped after a brief scuffle in which the big cat was able to pin its prey down as the losing creature squealed But when the hyena ran in, the warthog was […]