Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Cat Veterinary Exam

We wanted also to go through a thorough physical exam and I’m going to ask the owner of this kitty cat that if they have any health concerns. So, that’s where we’re going to start. We want to go ahead and have a good look at your cat. I think I actually put your kitty […]

How to Sculpt a Big Cat from Clay : How to Sculpt the Head of a Cat in Clay

JORGE BENLLOCH: Okay. Now, for example we have like an easy and fast shape that of course can be a cat or can be another kind of thing, but we are going to make it happen, a cat. Now, we are going to make like a head with a neck and everything else that we […]

How to Sculpt a Big Cat from Clay : How to Sculpt the Body of a Cat in Clay

JORGE BENLLOCH: You’ll see that more or less, we are getting–already we have the shape of the kitty. Of course, we want to have some kind of movement. Then you just slap here, put the butt there, twist the body, that’s what the clay is for. It’s a flexible and elastic material that you can […]

Helping a Feral Kitten Become Friendly (Step by Step How-To!)

[kitten hissing] [kitten growling] [instrumental music] Hey guys, I just rescued a 7 to 8 week old feral kitten and in this video I’m gonna show you what to do if you’ve rescued a feral kitten. How do you take a kitten from being super-spicy to being mild and lovely? This kitten is from a […]

How Cats See The World

Hello everyone. As you all know, eyes provide organisms vision, the ability to process visual detail, as well as enabling several photo response functions that are independent of vision. As you are watching this video, have you ever considered how this video would look like if you were a cat? Well, in this video, we […]

NFL Star Chris Long & Big Cat (Barstool Sports) on Bar Rescue – Bar Rescue, Season 4

So, for recon tonight, I’ve got two friends of mine. This is Dan from Barstool Sports,which is one of the most popular sports websites in America.I’ve had Dan do recon for me before.How do you like that? I mean, I’ve never had lighter fluid, – but like, it’s… it’s a hot drink. – ( laughs […]

How To Acquire Kittens – Where to Buy Or Rescue a Kitten : Kitten Kollege

Today we’ll be addressing how to acquire kittens rescue and re-homing centers are a great place to start and house many kittens they are a great resource for advice and can guide prospective owners towards the right kitten to suit their circumstance otherwise you can be bought from a reputable and responsible breeder potential owners […]

How to Sculpt a Big Cat from Clay : How to Finish Cat Sculpture

JORGE BENLLOCH: We’re going to put this crystal clear enamel in order to protect the figurine. And after that, we are going to make one coating of black color as it was in the original. It was made with a very black flat stone. This has to be–you use–these spray has to be used outside […]

Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Giving Cats Medication

So, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about medication. Has your cat had any medication yet? Not that I’m aware of. Ok. What we like to do at McDonald Animal Hospital, is to try and always send home liquid medications that taste good. But, often times I don’t think that owner’s are […]

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