Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today we have a very special guest, it’s my friend Jake! Jake: Hello! Ro: You guys know Jake, we’ve baked together. Jake: We have, this is true. Ro: We’re buddies! Ro: And, I’m gonna be putting both of his links down below, go check […]

Hello Kitty Cake 2 Layers

Prepare 2 layers cake. Pan size 22 and 16cm There is 3 chopsticks in middle cake, as crutch. Then add borders on cake Make letters by fondant Then paste the letters on cake Manual draw flowers by buttercream Then add topper Hello Kitty on Cake Add borders again Add little roundness colorful by buttercream Draw […]

Hello Kitty Cake Tutorial Birthday Cake by LeNsCake Kdi

Prepare cake already cover by buttercream Draw Hello Kitty on transparent plastic by buttercream Then seal again buttercream so thick and not easy broken Tidy up the Hello Kitty Put Hello Kitty in freezer 30-45 minutes Then put the result on cake Make borders by fondant Then make the ribbon by fondant Paste the borders […]

Play Doh Donuts. How to Make Hello Kitty Doughnuts. Play Doh Food DIY for Kids

DIY Hello Kitty Cat shaped Doughnuts Set

Hello Kitty Cookies How To Cook That Ann Reardon Harō Kiti

Welcome to HowToCookThat I’m Ann Reardon and today we’re making Hello Kitty slice and bake cookies where the Hello Kitty is all the way through the cookie dough so you can just slice it and bake them. I’ve made a Hello Kitty cake before and to find my other videos all you need to do […]

Clay Slime Surprise Toys Learn Colors Hello kitty Inside Out Minions Sponge Bob 액체괴물 장난감

Red. Wobble (Wobble) (Wobble) (Slide whistle) (Wobble) (Wobble) (Wobble) Wow! (Wobble) Wow! (Galloping) Wow! (Wobble) (Slide whistle) (Wobble) Purple. (Slide whistle) (Wobble) (Wobble) Wow! (Barking) (Barking) (Barking) (Barking) (Wobble) (Wobble) Blue. (Wobble) (Wobble) (Wobble) (Wobble) (Slide whistle) (Wobble) (Slide Whistle) Wow! (Sounds of laughter) WOW! (Wobble) (Wobble) Yellow. (Slide whistle) (Wobble) Wow! WOW! (Wobble) (Slide […]

5 Trendy DIY KITTY Hairbands for TEENAGERS .. | #Headband #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Bharti pls make us learn this cute bunny hairband to make this we need first we make its ears give this wire a round shape using a cup and then slightly stretching it upward to give it a bunny ear shape cut this glitter sheet as per these bunny ears shape likewise prepare three more […]

Hello Kitty Cake Topper Tutorial and Cake Design by Lorelie

Hi I’m Lorelie and welcome to my Hello Kitty cake-topper tutorial. Today I’m sharing my Hello Kitty cake design. To make the Hello Kitty cake topper. You will need pink, white, black and yellow gum paste, a couple of paintbrushes, a ball tool and an exacto or knife. If you want to make flowers you’ll […]

Hello Kitty Clay Slime Cup Suprise Eggs Inside Out Sponge Bob Minions Disney Pixar