Why a cat always lands on its feet

This is the first live cat recorded on film, and it’s being dropped to solve a physics problem: Why do cats always land on their feet? It’s a question that was driving 19th-century scientists nuts. Until one of them used an unexpected tool to solve the mystery: a camera. Étienne-Jules Marey was an obsessive scientist […]

Depressed dogs, cats with OCD — what animal madness means for us humans | Laurel Braitman

Oliver was an extremely dashing, handsome, charming and largely unstable male that I completely lost my heart to. (Laughter) He was a Bernese mountain dog, and my ex-husband and I adopted him, and about six months in, we realized that he was a mess. He had such paralyzing separation anxiety that we couldn’t leave him […]

Half-Cat: The Documentary – Part 3

It looks like dead technology… and and is in some respects but …uh… you need to shoot Hi8 in order to… …so people don’t think that you’re tampering with the footage the resolution isn’t great but it’s got night shot mode that’s why the cat’s eyes glow this one close close… this one maybe maybe […]

Covered In Kittens – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

Jack: How much did Lindsay freak out about the kittens? Micheal: Oh dude, she was mad. I find out ‘Oh I’m going to get covered in kittens.’ And they were like 5 weeks old. They’re like super tiny Siamese, I think they were Siamese cats. Their eyes were like… Their eyes were like crystal blue. […]

How Cats Became our Feline Overlords (ft. It’s Okay To Be Smart)

Hey, it’s Kate! Thanks to Joe for taking over our channel for this pawsome video – and let us know how many famous internet cats you recognized in it. If you dig dogs instead, follow me over to Joe’s channel It’s Okay To Be Smart, where we help him sniff out the story of humans’ […]

Kitty: Return To Auschwitz (Holocaust Documentary) | Timeline

This film is about living in Auschwitz It is about one woman who survived

Age of Big Cats: Origins (Episode 1)

– [Narrator] 1 1/2 million years ago, these were the world’s top land predators. This was the age of the sabertooths. But things were changing. New forces threatened the old order, with skills the planet had never seen before. The big cats. Why them? What’s their story? In this episode, we go back to when […]

Age of Big Cats: World Domination (Episode 2)

– [Narrator] Africa. For millions of years, the sabertooths and hyenas had been the world’s top land predators. But new forces threaten the old order with skills the planet had never seen before. The big cats. Why them? Which unique adaptations gave the big cats the edge in this battle for survival? We go back […]

Vampire Cat of Nabeshima (and a Huge Kitty Battle :3) | Japanese Folktales

Alarmed, the guard thrust his spear through the door at the shadow cat. But the shadow disappeared, and the wife was nowhere to be found. So do you know what happens when you keep a cat for too long? It may turn into a vampire cat. At least, if you believe in old Japanese superstitions. […]

Mountain Men: Small Dogs, Big Cats (Season 7, Episode 11) | History