A Tribute To A Lion King

Cameron the lion was rescued in 2004 with his white tiger companion Zabu from a run-down roadside zoo. The odd couple were raised together by the zoo in hopes of crossbreeding liger cubs. He came to the sanctuary skin and bones and it was up to us to turn his life around and give him […]

National Cat Awards 2014 finalist: Smudge

I’m Sarah Fenton, this is my cat Smudge. I’ve entered him into the awards for being brave and sticking up for my son. One afternoon I was preparing tea, noticed some boys coming towards our Ethan shouting his name. Ethan never acknowledged them, so they carried on shouting and walking towards him, at which point […]

#175 “Mr. Charming” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character

I’m going to be late, meow! (The bag says, “dried fish for breakfast”) Bam! Are you all right, Miss? Oh, Miss! You’ve dropped your dried fish! I’m embarrassed, meow~!! To be continued . . . The story develops unexpectedly in the next episode! “Mr. Charming” – A good-looking cat who is satisfied with his real […]

A Special Bobcat Update – Part 1

[Noise] [Medical Machinery] [Machines beeping] We did some X-rays on Flint and unfortunately, which we’ve already known, he’s had multiple orthopedic issues. They definitely don’t seem to be, I would say, resolving. He seems to be acquiring more, whether it’s from previous nutrition or he was born with some type of deficiency. He had multiple […]

Blind Cat Wants To See His Mom | Animal in Crisis EP22

A mother cat stands in front of her child A kitten is behind the mother cat Something is on his eyes I guess a stray cat gave birth to kittens in here The kitten gets closer to his mom As his eyes are covered with the scab he can’t find his mom’s breast For the […]

How-to give a cat a pill tutorial

Hi, my name is Dr. Uri Burstyn. I’m a veterinarian in Vancouver BC and I’d like to welcome you to my series of practical skills for pet owners. I’m here with Mr. Pirate to show you how to do one of the most dreaded activities one ever has to do with our cat which is […]

Scaredy Cat: Buffalo Foils Lion Attack By Puncturing Tyre

COMM: In Kruger National Park, these lions are looking for their next meal, and they’ve decided it’s going to be this buffalo. But they are not prepared for the fight that their quarry is willing to put up. COMM: With one big cat clinging to his back, the buffalo manages to fend off the second […]

Jaguar vs Caiman: Big Cat Ambushes Reptile In Epic River Battle

00:11 COMM: Jaguar Safari guide Leen Gillis always carries a camera in case something extraordinary happens. And today, she and her boat of tourists have spotted a male Jaguar about five or six years old, prowling on the river bank. 00:26 COMM: With all eyes on the big cat no one has noticed anything in […]

ADOPTED! Oliver – 9 Lives Rescue – Kitten Adoption

Oliver is a sweet orange tabby who’s cautious but playful and curious. He loves to play and especially loves to escape out of his foster room and get chased around the house! He’s not so sure about dogs or kids, but is still little and will probably outgrow his aversion. Oliver is neutered, dewormed, tested […]