🐱 ”Wild Cat’ Walks With Me No.1 = July 23, 2014 🐱

‘Wild Cat’ (my black & white female cat) follows my wife during the afternoon walk Wild Cat repeatedly turns his head back to see if I follow her When I am a little far away, ‘Wild Cat’ sits down and waits for me ‘Wild Cat’, turns back her head to see where I am, She […]

Man Stops For Kitten Trembling In Road, Then Realizes Her Feet Are GLUED To The Ground

Man Stops For Kitten Trembling In Road, Then Realizes Her Feet Are GLUED To The Ground Friday morning, Chuck Hawley from Silverton, Oregon was on his way to work when he spotted something in the middle of the road. As he watched other cars drive over it, he figured it was a box that had […]

Kitten Takes Over Classroom—The Professor’s Poetic Reaction? Priceless!

Our lifeboat holds fourteen We’re at sea By 7:20 Miranda has a frown so profound it could drape past her knees. Patrick’s dozing-off in his black padded chair on wheels because whatever it is that makes his heart shudder all night in the dorm, doesn’t visit him in class. Ursula’s focused on disappearing a handful […]

Raw Food Prep for Zoya the Ragdoll kitten at 15weeks.

Hi guys, welcome to my video This is my beautiful 15 week old American ragdoll Zoya. She is such a sweetheart. Really So Um I got her when she was nine weeks old and Uh… I think they used to feed her some cat food and whatnot. So I gradually got her to feeding raw, […]

People Who Love Cats Meet Kittens | Romantic funny cats videos compilation for cats lovers |

People kiss Her cute cats Cat agree with me My cat make a kiss Disturb Her cat for style her Hair Baby and cat are sleeping together Cat lover some moments with his cat Playing moment with cat My cat love me very much Cute two cat are love each other A boy wash her […]

The Mystery Of Bulgaria’s Green Cat – Getty Images TV

there’s a rather unusual creature roaming the streets of this seaside town a stray cat that turns itself by breath green but how her Incredible color first started to attrAct media attention in 2014 earning some free meals for her and her ginger companion from those hoping to tempt her out for a photo Some […]

Beagle mothers two KITTENS and nurses them like they are her own young

A one-year-old beagle has become a surrogate mum to kittens and is even producing milk to nurse the pair Beagle Daisy lives in Staplehurst, Kent, along with the nine-week-old cats Fletcher and Dexter, who have recently moved into her home Adorable footage shows Daisy and her two kittens playing together, sleeping together and even captures the […]

Poor Kitten Stuck In A Narrow Pit Waits For Passengers’ Help (Full ver.) | Animal in Crisis EP100

Local : No sound during the daytime,but she cries a lot at 2am. And here… A man looking for that sound Even he opens a manhole cover and seems to call someone… And from that space, we can see…Then we hear cat wailing from somewhere Here,Here! You see here. Here. And from that space, we […]