Mother Cat Lost One Leg But Raised Her Kittens Well Despite The Pain | Animal in Crisis EP56

Gong San Sung, an ancient mountain fortress Is located in Gongju city, Korea Built with earth and stone A cat lives inside Doesn’t even move when we approach her closely When people pass by The cat doesn’t really care The cat is different from your typical stray cat But.. The cat lost one leg Perhaps […]

Minnie Mouse Disney 6 Surprise Eggs (3 video in one) #57

Minnie Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. She and Mickey Mouse were first drawn by Ub Iwerks in 1928. The comic strip story “The Gleam” (published January 19–May 2, 1942) by Merrill De Maris and Floyd Gottfredson first gave her full name as Minerva Mouse, although this […]

Kitten Still Believes His Mom’s Alive Who Disappeared To Die Alone (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

Hai~ Hoomans~ Guardian/ Hello~! PD/ Grew up a lot hehe Guardian/ Grew up a lot? / Yeah, so pretty Left alone in cold weather The kitten cried out for the mom.. Where’s my mom? Guardian/ I was so worried.. But now the kitten plays well Almost jumps around as if he’s flying The kitten is […]

HELLO KITTY 🎀| Draw My Life

Hello Kitty! Everybody knows this white cat with a red ribbon decorating her head. Hello Kitty became one of the most famous characters in the world with its first appearance in 1974 in Japan, called back then Kitty White. When people saw her, everybody would greet her saying Hello, Kitty, HENCE the name. Reality is, […]

Puppy Surprise Kitty Surprise Pony Surprise Animal Toys for Girls & Baby Surprise Kinder Playtime

Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) Welcome back to Kinder Playtime! Yay! Today, we have three of these baby surprise pet things. We have Kitty surprise, puppy surprise and pony surprise. Yay! Chloe, what’s your kitty’s name? Iris! And mommy’s puppy’s name is Candy. What’s your pony’s name, Emily? Starburst Alright! My kitty first. Okay, so these […]

(UPDATE!) Little Kitten with Swimmer Syndrome LEARNS TO WALK!

[upbeat music] It’s time for an apple update What do you think Apple? Should we update our friends? Two weeks ago I brought home a little kitten named Apple. If you watched my first video with her you already know her story. Apple is a very special kitten because she has a condition called Swimmer […]

Kitten Care : De-Worming Kittens

Internal parasites can also cause a lot of problems with young kittens. This little girl kitty is about three weeks old. And it’s time for her first de-worming. The de-worming is a liquid medication that comes in an oral syringe and we will give that by mouth to help rid her body of any parasites […]

Injured Cat Never Gives Up Feeding Her Kittens Despite Dizziness | Animal in Crisis EP91

A cat’s going somewhere with something in her mouth Upon a closer look.. It’s a chicken breast Where did the cat get the chicken breast? Maybe took it from a grocery store Must have stolen it from somewhere Where is the cat going with a chicken breast bigger than her face? Chased her out of […]

Overbites in Kittens: Helping Babies with Class II Malocclusion

Say hi, Gooseberry. Hey guys, this is Gooseberry and Gooseberry is the overbite queen. She’s the overbite queen. Bow down for we are not worthy. Look at that cute little overbite. Overbites might look cute, but her condition almost cost her her life. Did you know that kittens with overbites could actually have serious medical […]

“Ribbon” – Cute Cat MitchiriNeko – Introduction of Character #101

(♪ sound of music) (♪ sound of triangles) dooonnnn (deep bass sound) Ribbon – A fashion-conscious Mitchiri Neko with a colorful ribbon on her neck. Always anxious about if her ribbon’s sitting straight. She uses a curler for her whiskers but there’s no visible effect.