Joyful Reunion Of The Disabled Mother Cat And Her Kitten (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for Guardian: Kangmoo, I’m going to visit your mom Cute kitten tryna muster the strength to get up ^-^ Guardian: Maknae~ Guardian: Maknae, can you recognize me? Maknae gets up She still looks very feeble but.. Stands! PD: Oh?! Maknae who couldn’t use her hind legs ☆Got up […]

엄마 나 이만큼 컸어요 ㅣ Kitten Says “Mom, I’ve Grown Up This Much.. Where Are You..?”

Guardian/ Hello~! Producer/ Rly grew up a lot hehe Guardian/ Grew up a lot? Producer/ Yes! So pretty The baby kitten who was crying for the mother And left alone W/ a cold body.. Guardian/ I was very worried.. Guardian/ Now the kitten plays well Guardian/ And prowls around With the new name, Kangmoo This […]