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Karma Kitty vs invisible wall – cling wrap challenge

Wow! good job karma you’re such a smart kitty kitty so no surprise karma kitty really figured out how to get through the invisible wall pretty quick the food toys whatever she figured out how to go underneath it we taped it down and she still figured out how to do that too so we […]

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Rescued cat from the street; gave birth to 4 kittens.

The story of the tabby cat Kudret. Part 1: Our first meeting with Kudret. Come here How many months ago were you born? Aren’t you born 6 months ago? What time did you get pregnant? Can you tell me? What time did you fill your belly? Now should I take you home? Do you want […]

Cat loving the bathroom

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JHKTV] 신촌 명물고양이 보이지않는 아름다움 shin chon special cat Invisible Beauty

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Eating Habits – Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

Simon’s Cat. Eating habits Simon’s Cat The hungry one Chloe The fussy one Jazz The greedy one Maisy The messy one The Kitten The cute one The gross one

Why cat enjoy to eat in this way? – Belly enjoy this playful way to eat.

Belly, come back! Finish your meal! Lunchtime Belly hasn’t finished her meal for several times. Naughty cat Ore and Reo are doing well Where are you going? Finish your meal. Come back! Please… Ok, Fine! You’re the boss. Do it with your favourite way Belly could keep eating forever with this playful way. Here, one […]

[vlog] #먼치킨 #새끼고양이와 #포메라니안 강아지 같이 키우기 – 합사 첫날부터 친해지기까지

Revenge of the Kitten! Cat Fight game 2

★ Settings – Subtitles – Language on Following Cat fight Cat Tekken Game 1.. Kitten GORI Lose for two consecutive rounds in fight.. This time, I will take revenge on you.. Vengeful kittens … can he succeed? Die!! Fat big cat! Big cat GOEN is upset well! GOEN : I accept the fight.. GORI : […]