The Nice Guy Trope, Explained

“I’ve just invented a sketch of a decent, sensitive guy…” “Maybe I’m not nice, you know?” He’s not like other guys, He’s a nice guy. “Sorry, I’m not like a gross guy trying to hit on you or anything.” If we look at the Nice Guy onscreen, we can break down the qualities that define […]

A Kitty Tale – When Baker met Lance

At first Baker was an only cat. He loved to play. He loved to eat. He loved to hide. And he loved to play. It was great to get all the attention all the time. Then Lance came along. Baker and Lance didn’t get along. They stayed in separate rooms and only played together under […]

Masha and The Bear – Just shoot me 📸(Episode 34)

I was playing I was playing I was playing Oh, no… Oh my, oh my… All this is my fault. That is not my fault! Oh, wow! What a cool gadget this is! Wow, I am looking so very photogenius! OK. Where should I hang this up? Cool! Wooh! I completely forgot to shoot Bear! […]

TYPES OF STUDENTS IN CLASS ||Funny Back to School Students by 123 GO!

We’ve all been to school. But not all of us experience it the same way. Today we’re exploring the many different kind of students you’d find in the classroom. The Cheater Another day, another pop quiz. Geez, I don’t know any of this stuff! But I bet some of my classmates do. Yep, Vicki here […]

Baby Kittens Eating Cat Food – (Cute Kittens- Kitten Videos )

Hello friends This cat food was donated to stray cats by my follower “Kasia”. Thank you.


– Are you serious? You’re gonna lay in the one spot where they can’t see you? Wow. Hello? Hello? Oh my God, are you okay? Are you okay buddy? Wow, I can’t believe I caught that on camera. Ever since I brought her home, I’ve been waiting for that to happen. Not waiting like, happily, […]

Little Hello Kitty ① “Small friends & Big Adventure”in English リトルハローキティ第1話#Hello Kitty

Lonely here all on your own? 一人ぽっちで寂しかったわね? I have a message for you from Hello Kitty… ハローキティからメッセージを預かってきました Soon you’re going to meet those who are sad and weak. あなたが悲しい人弱い人に出会ったとき and she wants you to help them… そんな誰かを助けて欲しい… You have the power to make people happy. あなたには誰かを幸せにする力があるの Whenever you’re in trouble, 困ったときには… This light will be […]

The Best Way To Introduce Your Two Cats

Hey there people. Today we can do the quest to answer all the supermarket questions. Stand by. First things first. Catify ze world! I get asked the same questions usually at the supermarket. So today we’re going to knock out the first one. Jackson, I’m trying to introduce one cat to another, and it ain’t […]

How a Lambkin kitten becomes friends with a Huge Ragdoll cat (The second week)

Best friends forever! The second week. Bowie the Ragdoll cat and Bella. Subscribe, hit the bell and watch more of Bowie’s videos!