Kitten and cat food rules – Whiskas K.I.T.

Here at K.I.T. we encourage our students to break all the rules …apart from these ones. Please don’t use the lasers unsupervised. The marine biology department’s specimens are not for snacking. Don’t use your hacking skills to collapse foreign economies. And finally, don’t eat adult food if you’re under 12 months old. Eat kitten food […]

couple games for party musical game kitty party and for new year 31st December

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Cute Cats & Dogs – Funny Animals Compilation 2018 | Try Not To Laugh Challenge

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Faun Kitten Pendant with 12 Design Reveals | Mould by Ravn Cotino | Polyurethane or Epoxy Resin

For this project I’m using Axson F180 Polyurethane resin, which has a 1A:1B mix ratio by weight I am measuring 16g to begin, which will be used to test the mould. Give the resin a good shake before you dispense it. Mix like crazy for about a minute, and don’t worry about bubbles – this […]

Kitten Triage Program Saves Kittens in the Community

On May 1st, a caring member of the community brought five kittens to a local vet clinic. They were a week old, and lost their mother (They’re all little!) Officer Burrell transported the kittens in her climate-controlled truck to the Kitten Triage Trailer at Multnomah County Animal Services, where volunteers immediately cleaned, weighed, and fed […]

How to Road Trip with Kittens!

So we are about the hit the road And right before we leave we gotta make sure – Oh! You got sprayed, sorry -I did?! – Yes (laughs) Right before we hit the road, we gotta make sure that everybody has peeded and has eaten Not unlike with human babies, I guess One last bathroom […]

For The Kitty Challenge

okay go ahead… be ready… tell her dove love is real for the kitty AYYY! eat a zeta meal for the kitty AYYY! gomab reveal for the kitty trade with my LB go for the kill for the kitty WOAHH! ima pledge again for the kitty PLEDGE AGAIN!? wear a zeta pin for the kitty […]

舌を出して寝る猫 Cat is sticking her tongue out while taking nap.

Cats are sleeping together as it’s getting cold. Omi, my female cat is sticking her tongue out defenselessly while sleeping. The cushion is too small to lay down for two anymore… Just for your information, Ochibi, male cat shows his teeth while sleeping. They ran rampage this morning. They always begin to squabbling while grooming. […]