Border Collie Is An Overprotective Mom To Her Kitten?! | Kritter Klub

Dog raising a kitten?! I gotta see this.. Soulmates.. Don’t touch! Protective mama dog Even breastfeeds the kitten We don’t have to be blood, to be family Mommy will protect you from other dogs Back off She recently gave birth to two puppies But they passed away So the dog raises the kitten as her […]

The Last Cat on Earth – Music Video

And, we are back with a very special guest tonight. America, I would love to introduce you to your president, President Wiggles Mr. President, quite an accomplishment to eliminate all but one of the cats in the world Word on the street is that the resistance is holding on tight to that last kitty I’ve […]

Showdown – Simon’s Cat (Jazz Trilogy! – 3/3) | SHORTS #84

♬ Theme tune ♬ [Birds tweeting] [Rustle] MEOW!! Erm Meow, mew, mew, mew MEOW! [Thwack] [Pow] [Thud] [Kapow!] Er? Meow? Mew. Miaoooouuuu [Thud] MEOW!!! [SMACK!] Meow! [Purring] [Lick, lick, lick] [Purring] [Purring] Hello! I’m Simon. Creator of Simon’s Cat. Did this film in remind you of your cat? Share your stories below. We love to […]

Ernie The Cat Play Fighting With Jinx The Kitten

This is my cat Ernie and my kitten Jinx play fighting in 2006. Sadly Ernie passed away from cancer in 2010.

Cardi B Throws Her Shoe At Asia & A Fight Breaks Out | Love & Hip Hop

What happened? Oh! Stop! No! No! What the (bleep), no! Get off of me! Get– no, no, no! Get off– no! No, that’s what happens when you talk (bleep). Relax, relax, relax. (Nina) We’re gonna put a little more distance between you guys so we can have this conversation. Everybody sit down. Like , I’m […]

ONE PUNCH CAT 2 – ‘Garou’ the Wolf – Fan Animation

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ONE PUNCH CAT – ‘Saitameow’ the Hero – Fan Animation