Vegan Big Cats? – FAQ Friday

Hey everyone, Afton here from Big Cat Rescue and welcome to another FAQ Friday. As pumpkin season approaches, I think all the questions and comments I get when you watch videos of our big cats interacting with melons and pumpkins wondering… are we trying to make our big cats vegan? No, silly! We know our […]

White Tigers – Get The FACTS!

There are many misconceptions about white tigers. They’ve been called snow tigers, endangered and their own species. None of these labels are correct. White tigers are not their own species but rather the result of a double recessive gene that results in a condition called leucism. Leucism takes away from the tiger’s pigmentation giving them […]

What Cats Really Think Of You

– Okay, you can pet my belly now please, thank you. (slow jazz music) No, you’re doing it wrong. You’re petting my belly wrong, can you please ju– Okay stop, stop, stop, stop. Why are you so bad at this? – I just don’t know what she’s thinking with the dry food. – I know, […]

Why Does Your Cat’s Tongue Feel Like Sandpaper? | Deep Look

Cats are obsessed with staying clean. They can spend up to half their waking hours grooming. Their tongue is covered in tiny spines. They’re what makes the tongue feel so sandpapery. These spines, called papillae, are made of keratin, just like their claws and our fingernails. The papillae even look like miniature cat claws. They […]

What makes a great gift for a cat? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #14

Hello! I’m Simon. Welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic. We’ll be finding out from a cat expert my cats behave the way they do. Today we’re finding out about seasonal safety. Well Christmas time must be quite confusing if you’re a cat. The humans bring in a great big tree from outside and they fill it […]

Man Saves Orphaned Kitten—1 Year Later, Baby Still Repays Him With Endless Snuggles And Love

s there anything cuter than a man and a kitten? If your reactions to this story were any indication� then no, there is definitely not. So, to make your day slightly cuter, we�ve found a pair that is sure to melt your heart. Meet Baby! Baby was abandoned as a kitten. Luckily, she was found […]

Volunteer Shirt Colors At Big Cat Rescue – FAQ Friday

Hey Everyone, and welcome to Fact Friday. You may notice in our videos that our volunteers come in an assortment of colors, but what do these colors mean anyway? Our volunteer program is divided into two departments, Partners who take care of the gift shop and Keepers who take care of the big cats. We’re […]

Right or Left Handed Cats? | Animal Facts – Cat Facts

Did you know cats can either be left or right �pawed� depending on their gender? Cats in many ways are already very similar to us, but they may be more similar to us than we thought. According to a study, scientists played with 42 pet-cats for weeks and concluded that, like us humans, house-cats can […]

The Science of Cats