Border Collie Is An Overprotective Mom To Her Kitten?! | Kritter Klub

Dog raising a kitten?! I gotta see this.. Soulmates.. Don’t touch! Protective mama dog Even breastfeeds the kitten We don’t have to be blood, to be family Mommy will protect you from other dogs Back off She recently gave birth to two puppies But they passed away So the dog raises the kitten as her […]

Kitty Talks Dogs: grooming Max the Poodle | TRANSGROOM

Today we’re going to groom Max. Max is a medium-sized poodle and he’s in the second puppy clip. This is a very famous way of grooming the poodles. Hello everybody! This is Kitty for Transgroom TV and today we’re going to groom max. Max is a medium sized poodle and he’s in the second puppy […]

Adam Ruins Everything – Why Cat Videos Rule the Internet (Everyday Ruins) | truTV

We all know cat videos rule the Internet, but have you ever wondered why? We all know cat videos In America, more households have dogs than cats, but online, we’re all feline fanatics. It’s because cats’ lack of visible emotion allows us to see what we want, so we can project all of our feelings […]

Tiniest Kitten and Her HUGE Dog Brother Do Everything Together | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

This is Cooper the dog. And this is… hang on! SO TINY. Look at those little paws! Look at that little nose! Trying to get it together here. All right, let’s do this again. This is Cooper the dog. This teeny, tiny, little cat is Mini the kitten. And they are… Best. Animal. Friends. Cooper […]

Kitty Talks Dogs: grooming Rudolph the American Cocker | TRANSGROOM

Would you like to have your pet American Cocker groomed in an easy pet commercial way? Keep on watching because today that’s what we’re doing. Hello, my name is Kitty. Kitty From Transgroom. And today I’m going to talk about an American cocker: Rudolph. I’m going to show you how to groom a commercial Cocker […]

What Should I Feed My Cat? – Cat Nutrition with Dr Darren Foster & Dr Kate Adams [ Part 1/3 ]

hey cat lovers I’m Dr. Kate Adams from Bondi Vets. Today we’re going to be talking about all things cats. I see so many people who have so many questions about what to feed my cat, how come my cat is overweight.. so instead of hearing about it from me, I’m going to go and […]

Cat and Dog Road Trip

Yeah, maybe me have nintindo switch next year too. Wut the?? Who let the dog out? Who who who who? Hmm, $500 enough for nintindo switch.. Or flight to hawaii! Wait, this that crazy dog! But how me get him to Colorado? U ordered a car, sir? U owe me 5 bucks for that. So…u […]

The Last Cat on Earth – Music Video

And, we are back with a very special guest tonight. America, I would love to introduce you to your president, President Wiggles Mr. President, quite an accomplishment to eliminate all but one of the cats in the world Word on the street is that the resistance is holding on tight to that last kitty I’ve […]