Bottle Baby Kittens – Still on the Bottle but Learning Litter Box!

Hi there and welcome back to Kitten School! Our six tiny bottle babies are now almost a month old and they’re growing so fast. After being rescued from a construction site when they were barely a week old the kittens needed to be bottle fed every four hours for the first three weeks. That means […]

Смешной котенок Бантик, лучшие приколы, funny cat! Ахатины

Bantik, you’ll swallow my finger now! Laughs))) Delicious finger was))))) Bantik … What is it there? Come look … Go, go … music is playing… Cat Bantik, sniffing snails … music is playing… Cat Bantik is happy from the opportunity to touch the snails)))) Ai, Bantik do not claw their claws! Aya-yay! No, no, do […]

Herman The Scaredy Cat Can’t Believe His Eyes

COMM: Meet Herman, the scaredy cat, whose big eyes give him a look of constant surprise. COMM: The five-month-old exotic shorthair lives in Copenhagen with his owner Shirley. COMM: Vets have said that the wide-eyed feline had no underlying health problems. Herman had a difficult start in life and had to be hand-fed, making him […]

Kitten Never Leaves Her Mother’s Dead Body | Kritter Klub

I can hear a cat crying A kitten sitting right next to its dead mother’s body Resident: I used to see the kitten walking around with its mother before and I started to get worried ever since I haven’t seen them walking around The kitten is constantly licking the mother cat’s dead body… At night, […]

Kitten Denies Being Jealous Of A Squirrel Adored By Grandmother | Kritter Klub

The master of the house=Kongee One day, a squirrel came in the house I’m going to destroy you Now is the time! Where do you think you’re going? Gotcha! You shouldn’t bully the squirrel The kitten is really jealous No I’m not Gosh! This isn’t fair!

Dear Kitten

♫ music ♫ ♫ Dear Theodosia, what to say to you… ♫ ♫ You have my eyes, you have your mother’s name… ♫ ♫ When you came into the world, you cried… ♫ ♫ And it broke my heart. ♫ ♫ music ♫ ♫ I’m dedicating every day to you… ♫ ♫ Domestic life, was […]

Two Baby Kittens Eating Food -Angry Kitten Before and After

4 months ago These kittens are 3 brother/Sister. They live in the car. Andy This kitten disappeared at a later time and i could not find it. They’re afraid of me. Because for the first time they see people. Pspspsps The mother of the cats entered the car through this broken window and gave birth […]

Kitten Nibbles Ears

(Martina groans) (I do other cute things. Check out my other videos!) [S] Keep nibbling Meemersworth. [S] You make little kissy sounds. (Well, Simon, he is sucking on Martina’s ear.) [S] What are you doing Meemers? (Martina mumbles) [M] I really think she’s trying to drink milk from my ear nipple. (He, it’s a boy!) […]

Kitten wonders what’s behind the mysterious door

KORİDORUN SONUNDAKİ O KAPI NADİREN AÇILAN O KAPI ESRARENGİZ KAPI Yani bir kedinin gözünde, mutlaka girilmesi gereken bir oda. Kapı açıldığında, tekrar kapanmadan önce saniyeler içinde içeri girmesi gerektiğini biliyor. Bu kadar koşmadan sonra nihayet kapının açılışını asla kaçırmamanın yolunu buldu. Artık kapının dibinde nöbet tutuyor. O artık “esrarengiz kapının bekçisi”.


Reporter: Hello. Reporter: Hello. Reporter: Please adopt her. Reporter: Hi. So guys. We’re on our way to the reported “for rescue” on Facebook. A pedicab driver begged on that area (to rescue the kitten). He was concern for the kittens, because they were roaming around near the road. So let’s go guys. We are already […]