Mother Cat Lost One Leg But Raised Her Kittens Well Despite The Pain | Animal in Crisis EP56

Gong San Sung, an ancient mountain fortress Is located in Gongju city, Korea Built with earth and stone A cat lives inside Doesn’t even move when we approach her closely When people pass by The cat doesn’t really care The cat is different from your typical stray cat But.. The cat lost one leg Perhaps […]

Project Cat Rescue: Kitten Rescued From The Drain | Kritter Klub

A kitten crying inside the drain It was inside that drain for more than 10 days now I called for help and some firefighters came But they said there’s no way to rescue the kitten A kitten is stuck inside the deep drain Informant: I should at least give it food everyday or else the […]

Cute Puppies’ Mom Is A Cat ?! | Kritter Klub

Mommy! A tumultuos welcome What are you guys doing? Drinking milk from the cat It’s a mess Family: They came here being weaned. But the puppies have been doing that since last week. Lies down and drinks milk delicious fall down Run away cute Mommy we want milk too~ Oh god.. I’m so exhausted confused […]

There Is Just One Chance to Save A Scared Kitten Trapped In The Sewer Pipe | Animal in Crisis EP69

Resident 1: I thought it was strange because I kept hearing the sound of a cat crying.. Resident 2: Rumour has gone around and everyone in the neighbourhood knows now A cat has been trapped in the sewer for a week..? The neighbours have also tried many ways to rescue the cat Resident 3: In […]

Kitten Denies Being Jealous Of A Squirrel Adored By Grandmother | Kritter Klub

The master of the house=Kongee One day, a squirrel came in the house I’m going to destroy you Now is the time! Where do you think you’re going? Gotcha! You shouldn’t bully the squirrel The kitten is really jealous No I’m not Gosh! This isn’t fair!

Cute Pictures of newborn kittens! We were born 08.02.2017 Cornish Rex

Daddy Ulrico Noksas as baby Daddy Ulrico with his Mommy First Baby The only one girl Like a Mama I love her curls two little boys one baby boy he born fourth Baby boy he born as second He has a Name Chopin little Chopin fifth baby boy Daddy Ulrico Mama Virginia

A Cute Cat Dreaming To Be A Dog. Is It Possible? | Kritter Klub

Agility: Obstacle course competition for dogs So cool.. I know how to do it too Are you really a cat? Did I do well? Even better than my puppy! For a cat to follow a person and memorize a course. Basically, doing agility is pretty impressive What about other cats? Catfused Navi, the cat who […]

This Cat Looks So Fluffy And Cute But Why Is He So Angry At His Owner? | Kritter Klub

Meow!! Meow! Meoww kyaa Fierce Austin… Why you so scary like that?=+.+=Owner: He growls and gets wary these days.. He wasn’t like that before *Jumps in to snuggle* What the..?.? Sudden change in mood lol Mild Mild BUT To his older bro.. Get off ma back !!! RAWRRRRR RAWR How dare you..=+___+=Oof bro’s SHOOK Don’t […]

Cute Cat Enjoys 60°C Sauna Everyday | Kritter Klub

A cat enjoying the sauna LOL You’re here again! Is this cat being raised in a dry sauna? I have no idea where that cat came from It randomly came to this sauna one or two months ago. It won’t even pay the entrance fee. All of the sudden It’s going somewhere Supplementing moisture LOL […]

얘랑 같이 수업듣다가 다 재수강하게 생겼습니다 ㅣ Kitten Enrolls In Veterinary School..?!

Peekaboo 3-month-old kitten, Lumi Walks- Owner! Hug me…! Lying down A dog with a cat mask…? Not wary of the production staff Staff/ Lumi~ Meowhat~ Greets staff in comfy posture omgah Broken tongue The staff’s reaction is for real LOL Flustered Lumi Gotta see this cutesy tongue once again During class Why are you here?! […]