A Tribute To A Lion King

Cameron the lion was rescued in 2004 with his white tiger companion Zabu from a run-down roadside zoo. The odd couple were raised together by the zoo in hopes of crossbreeding liger cubs. He came to the sanctuary skin and bones and it was up to us to turn his life around and give him […]

White Tigers – Get The FACTS!

There are many misconceptions about white tigers. They’ve been called snow tigers, endangered and their own species. None of these labels are correct. White tigers are not their own species but rather the result of a double recessive gene that results in a condition called leucism. Leucism takes away from the tiger’s pigmentation giving them […]

Big Cats And Cold Weather

Being in Florida, we’re used to having some pretty mild winters, but this year it’s been unexpectedly freezing, literally! So what is it that we do when it’s unusually cold? First we bring in our smallest animal. He is the only non cat species we have here to reside at Big Cat Rescue. Babycakes the […]

Rescuing 2 Bobcats From An Alabama Zoo – Part 2

Part one left off just as the rescuers were about to net the two Bobcats. Let’s see what happens next. She would want to go in. Just let her hide in the corner and we’ll concentrate on one at a time. Yeah, oh you got it, put yours on top step on it, there you […]

Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics | Smarter Every Day 58

Hey it’s me Destin Welcome back to SmarterEveryDay So you’ve probably observed that cats almost always land on their feet Today’s question is why. Like most simple questions there’s a very complex answer For instance let me reword this question How does a cat go from feet up To feet down In a falling reference […]

Are lions the most intelligent cat?

“So…here looks good.” Natalia has designed a puzzle for the cats to solve. A lion must work out how to open a door, then reach her head inside to get a reward. “Good.” There’s nothing like this in nature, so to Jenny the Lion it’s a Rubix cube. “And if the lions come you just […]

Cub Petting Is Cruel

People love to see tiger cubs. But they could disappear in the wild in the next five years. In the ’90s, there were 100,000 tigers in the wild. But now there are less than 4,000. Tigers are going extinct, because people want to see them up close. They see them being handled on talk shows, […]

Jaguar VS Leopard – FAQ Friday

Hey everyone and welcome to another one of Big Cat Rescues fact Fridays. Many of you have a hard time telling the difference between a Jaguar and a Leopard, but Manny and I are here to help you out. Their coloring and markings are so similar that it is difficult for people to distinguish them. […]

Where Is The Cheetah? – FAQ Friday

It’s that time again. Time for another FAQ Friday. Big Cat Rescue is known for rescuing lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, bobcats, servals. Oh but wait, why didn’t I say cheetahs? Big Cat Rescue doesn’t have cheetahs because they’re so inbred that they’re virtually identical and they don’t live very long, therefore they’re not in need […]

The Cheetah Man Raising Big Cats | BEAST BUDDIES

Harry: You never take the respect that a cheetah has for you or the respect you have for a Cheetah for granted. They are an apex predator. So you’re always cautious. You’re always wary, you’re always respectful. Hi, I’m Harry, I’m 27. I’ve got Ebony, the five year old Cheetah here on my lap. I’m […]