The Cat Came Back – Camp Songs – Kids Songs – Children’s Songs by The Learning Station

♫ Mr. Johnson had some troubles of his own ♫ He had a yellow cat which wouldn’t leave his home ♫ He tried and tried to give that cat away ♫ He gave it to a man going far far away ♫ But the cat came back the very next day ♫ The cat came […]

Songs for Kids – Sing Song Kitty Catchie by Alina Celeste

Ki-mo, Kai-mo, Me-o, My-o, Hey-o, Hi-o, yellow belly doodlebug! I’m working on an album this summer! Alina Celeste! There was a little frog and he lived in a spring. Sing-song, kitty, catchie, kai-mi-oh! He caught a cold so he couldn’t sing. Sing-song, kitty, catchie, kai-mi-oh! Then his mama gave him medicine. Sing-song, kitty, catchie, kai-mi-oh! […]

The BIG Mean Kitty Song – Official Music Video [KIDS SONGS]

Da da da da da da C’mere. Bring it to Dada.Thank you Alright sit right here I’ll read you a book The Big Mean Kitty by Cory Williams That’s me! Kit kitty…kit kitty…ka ka ka kitty Ohhh…once upon a time there was a cat that was so big that when he went to Tokyo Godzilla […]

10 Little Kittens Song | Counting From 1 to 10

One little, two little, three little kittens, four little, five little, six little kittens, seven little, eight little, nine little kittens, Ten little baby cats. Ten little, nine little, eight little kittens, seven little, six little, five little kittens, four little, three little, two little kittens, one little baby cat.

3 Little Kittens | Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs