Fat Cat Mat l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

I got a cat, who wears a white hat. I got a cat who likes it like that. I got a cat, who lies on a mat. He’s such a fat cat. He likes it like that. I got a cat who looks like a rat. I got a cat who can swing a bat. […]

Three Little Kittens – Animal Songs for Children in English

Three little kittens walking in a row One has a pink nose, meow it goes One has a black nose meow it goes One has a grey nose meow it goes Together they all go Meow, meow, meow… www.helendoron.com

OMG! I turned into a cat!! (Funny Kids Parody)

(lighthearted whistling music) – Daniel, it must be really hard to be a cat. – I’d prefer to be a dog. – But cats are so much nicer and they don’t smell. (cat screeches) – Okay, cats are nicer. – I’m starving, I’m gonna go get a snack. (lighthearted whistling music) ♪ And a cat […]

Three Little Kittens | Nursery Rhymes Songs for Children | Kindergarten Cartoons by Little Treehouse

Three Little Kittens They lost their mittens and they began to cry Oh mother dear we sadly fear that we have lost our mittens What! Lost your mittens You naughty kittens Then you shall have no pie Meow, meow, meow, meow Then shall have no pie Three Little Kittens They found their mittens and they […]

The Zoogies – Three Little Kittens | Nursery Rhymes

Three little kittens, they lost their mittens and they began to cry Oh mother dear, we sadly fear, our mittens we have lost. WHAT! Lost your mittens, you naughty kittens, then you shall have no pie! Meow, meow, meow, meow you shall have no pie! Three little kittens, they found their mittens and they began […]

Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens: SNEAK PEEK!

Okay, are you guys serious I was gonna try to make a video about my new kids book but you guys are all just laying on top of it. D’you guys see what I have to put up with? How am I supposed to show off the new book if you keep laying on it? […]

Clay Slime Surprise Toys Learn Colors Hello kitty Inside Out Minions Sponge Bob 액체괴물 장난감

Red. Wobble (Wobble) (Wobble) (Slide whistle) (Wobble) (Wobble) (Wobble) Wow! (Wobble) Wow! (Galloping) Wow! (Wobble) (Slide whistle) (Wobble) Purple. (Slide whistle) (Wobble) (Wobble) Wow! (Barking) (Barking) (Barking) (Barking) (Wobble) (Wobble) Blue. (Wobble) (Wobble) (Wobble) (Wobble) (Slide whistle) (Wobble) (Slide Whistle) Wow! (Sounds of laughter) WOW! (Wobble) (Wobble) Yellow. (Slide whistle) (Wobble) Wow! WOW! (Wobble) (Slide […]

Fabulous Five HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

Yes, it’s the Fabulous Five! Who’s on the way to save the day It’s the Fabulous Five Who shines a light in the dark of night It’s the Fabulous Five When your fate is hanging by a thread And you wave your last good-bye Who shows up in the nick of time It’s the Fabulous […]

Hello Kitty Play Doh Donuts | Playdough Hello Kitty Doughnuts with Play-doh

Today we are going to make Hello Kitty themed Donuts from playdoh So if you are a Hello Kitty fan Then watch out till the end What we gonna do is We need a light colored playdoh To make our donut base And you have to give it the shape of Hello Kitty So for […]

Red World HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

It’s red, it’s red! Just like the Twin Stars said It’s red, it’s red! What fun we have ahead! The sky is red And so are all of the trees And if we want We’ll eat red macaroni and cheese! Look there’s a red banana And a bright red Irish setter There’s a nice red […]