Taking our F3 Savannah Cat on a walk to the park!

Heding out. this is what it looks like to take Kayode man on a walk Walking over to the park there’s a little pond over here that the little man likes to hop around on the rocks and Sniff all the plants and try and chase all the flies Yeah He loves being outside We […]

Is That A House Cat? – FAQ Friday

Hello viewers and welcome back to another FAQ Friday. When I say wild cat or exotic cat you most likely are thinking of tigers, lions, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs and cougars. We get asked a lot in our videos if our smaller species of cats are house cats, but did you know there are more than […]

Rescued Cheetah: Cheetah Loves Walking On A Leash

00:10 COMM: To the amazement of shoppers, Yakira the cheetah is happy to be centre of attention as she poses for photographs outside this South African supermarket. 00:35 COMM: Although Yakira is tame, she is not a pet. She was raised at the Kwa Cheetah Project by Desmond and Elizke Gouws, at the Kwa Cheetah […]

Big Cats

In this unit we will learn about the big cats or the jungle cats. [MUSIC} This is a caracal which derives its name from the word ‘karakulak’ which means black ears. It is found mostly in Africa, the middle east, persia and the indian sub-continent. This is a cheetah, it can run at the speed […]

Big Cats | Party Animals

(guffawing) (drum music) SINGER: ♪ Big cats ♪ ♪ Yeah, they’ve got big paws ♪ ♪ Big cats ♪ ♪ And they’ve got big jaws ♪ ♪ Big cats ♪ ♪ Oh, they take big naps ♪ ♪ And some big cats have little cats ♪ CHORUS: ♪ Big cats ♪ SINGER: ♪ Oh, they’ve […]

Cheetah Fail: Big Cat Falls Through Safari Jeep Roof

00:05 COM: The cheetah, a famously elegant and agile predator. Well maybe not this one. 00:23 COMM: In June 2011 a group of tourist treated themselves to a Safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve, but they couldn’t have anticipated how close they were about to get to one of nature’s most accomplished hunters. 00:40 […]

Where Is The Cheetah? – FAQ Friday

It’s that time again. Time for another FAQ Friday. Big Cat Rescue is known for rescuing lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, bobcats, servals. Oh but wait, why didn’t I say cheetahs? Big Cat Rescue doesn’t have cheetahs because they’re so inbred that they’re virtually identical and they don’t live very long, therefore they’re not in need […]

The Cheetah Man Raising Big Cats | BEAST BUDDIES

Harry: You never take the respect that a cheetah has for you or the respect you have for a Cheetah for granted. They are an apex predator. So you’re always cautious. You’re always wary, you’re always respectful. Hi, I’m Harry, I’m 27. I’ve got Ebony, the five year old Cheetah here on my lap. I’m […]

Do Big Cats Purr?

One of our most frequently asked questions on our social networking sites and on our tours is do Big Cats like Tigers and Lions purr? This is a long-standing question and there’s quite a bit of debate over this topic within the scientific community. For many species the data is either lacking or inconclusive and […]

The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram

the night is gonna miss Thomas Keller mr. Kelly mr. Kelly miss Kay [Music] the Gulf is a land of excess beneath a veil of restraint where capitalism and Islam jostle for pride of place when every young man has money to burn but is limited by the restrictions of Islam he has to spend […]