1000 pieces of cat food or 1 chicken?

1 chicken 1000 pieces of cat food What do we have here? It’s something new! I’ll try to understand what it is… Sniff-sniff There must be some catch! And what’s on the other side? It smells good, too! I’ve got goosebumps! Has the cat food won the battle? Nooo! I left the most delicious for […]

JOYFUL MEETING CAT and OWNER after a long time

Goodbye Pusic! Goodbye! Pusic, hello! Well, Pusic! Daddy come! Pusic Hello! You’re a good boy, Pusic! Are you happy that Dad came home? Daddy comes home, you good Pusiс! You’re my little, you want to play with Daddy in the game? Are you sad without me. Are you glad I came? Yes? Good boy! Good […]

Why cat enjoy to eat in this way? – Belly enjoy this playful way to eat.

Belly, come back! Finish your meal! Lunchtime Belly hasn’t finished her meal for several times. Naughty cat Ore and Reo are doing well Where are you going? Finish your meal. Come back! Please… Ok, Fine! You’re the boss. Do it with your favourite way Belly could keep eating forever with this playful way. Here, one […]

My Cat’s Reaction To The Invisible Challenge

Meow! What is this? Sniff-sniff! Man, help me! Meow! I will try it myself! It is difficult… It’s strong! Oh, you damned cling film! Come on… Scratch-scratch! I see the slot Come on… I’ve got an idea! I’ll try to get around This option is no longer relevant! How to leave the room? I’m going […]