Pregnant Cat Couldn’t Give Up Her Kittens Even When Stranded On The Roof | Animal in Crisis EP89

A mysterious creature.. above a 20 meter high building? Informant : If that falls off by mistake It’ll be too dangerous since it’s too high.. Because she might fall to the concrete ground.. Don’t know how she went up there There’s no way she can go inside.. On the passage tunnel connecting two school building.. […]

Killers in Training | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: These cubs have ringside seats for a gruesome show, a buffalo hunt. Silent assassins take their places to surround the herd. And the game begins. The lead females test the herd. They need to single out a target. The cubs must stay clear and watch. Shoulder to shoulder, the buffalo form a defensive wall. […]

Three Little Kittens + Lots More Nursery Rhymes by Little Treehouse

Three Little Kittens They lost their mittens and they began to cry Oh mother dear we sadly fear that we have lost our mittens What! Lost your mittens You naughty kittens Then you shall have no pie Meow, meow, meow, meow Then shall have no pie Three Little Kittens They lost their mittens and they […]

A Heartwarming Tale Of This Mother Cat Always Carrying A Bag Of Food | Kritter Klub

If we give this cat (named Dongsuk) cat food in a plastic bag It takes the whole thing and goes somewhere When we feed the cat on a plate She won’t eat the food Where is she taking the plastic bag? Informer: I’ve been feeding the cat for 5 years, but I’ve never seen a […]

Poor Kitten Stuck In A Narrow Pit Waits For Passengers’ Help (Full ver.) | Animal in Crisis EP100

Local : No sound during the daytime,but she cries a lot at 2am. And here… A man looking for that sound Even he opens a manhole cover and seems to call someone… And from that space, we can see…Then we hear cat wailing from somewhere Here,Here! You see here. Here. And from that space, we […]

Dog Lover Housesits Cats For The First Time • Jen And Devin

– Hello, everybody. This is a video where I will be house sitting Devin’s cats. I’ve never taken care of cats before, but I’m really excited to try. And I wanted to take everybody on this journey. (chuckles) Let’s go. (lighthearted music) – Jen is going to be cat-sitting for me because I am traveling […]

Little Box – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #59

Christmas Theme *confused noise* *sniffing* *tap* *tap* *tap* *curious noise* *confused noise* *curious noise* *curious noise* *hitting* *sad noise* *sigh* *confused noises* *happy noises* *curious noise* *paper rustling* *walking* *confused noise* *thud* *trying to fit* *falling* *alerted noise* *getting up and going under the box* *confused noise* *box moving* *struggling noises* *shaking* *more shaking* *confusion* […]

One Last Meal | Big Cat Week

[music playing] [elephant wailing] NARRATOR: Lioness versus elephant calf. Two inch canines grip on to inch thick skin. But the two ton youngster fights back to its feet. It takes the whole family to bring this giant to its knees. And when it’s down, it’s over. For the young males, this is their last meal […]

Funny Cat Compilation – Have A Look At The Funniest Ragdoll Cats On The Web!

cherry coca-cola up here for recycling so I threw the ice cube inside of the box and I ran to get my camera he’s telling it is JK is rude so I just got back from shopping and guilty party that started this is over here he that green bag is my purse that I […]

The Monster – Simon’s Cat (A Halloween Special) | SHORTS #57

*Intro* *Cat hissing and meowing aggressively* Mrowh! Mow mow mow Mrowh! *Vacuum turns on* *Vacuum sucking in cat* *Cat meowing fearfully* SMASH! SMASH! *Vacuum sucking up bat* *SMASH 5 times* *Cat coughing* SMASH! *Wire whips as it is pulled* *Hits wall* *Cat runs as he get scared of the wire* *Curious cat* *Wire clicks* *Cat […]