chubby cats must be very cute.. so if you want to make your cat chubby follow step 1 give the right food choose nutritious foods example biscuits cat but not all cats like so try to mix a bit of meat to increase your cat’s appetite if you doubt the cleanliness of meat or fish […]

Kitten Still Believes His Mom’s Alive Who Disappeared To Die Alone (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

Hai~ Hoomans~ Guardian/ Hello~! PD/ Grew up a lot hehe Guardian/ Grew up a lot? / Yeah, so pretty Left alone in cold weather The kitten cried out for the mom.. Where’s my mom? Guardian/ I was so worried.. But now the kitten plays well Almost jumps around as if he’s flying The kitten is […]

Injured Cat Never Gives Up Feeding Her Kittens Despite Dizziness | Animal in Crisis EP91

A cat’s going somewhere with something in her mouth Upon a closer look.. It’s a chicken breast Where did the cat get the chicken breast? Maybe took it from a grocery store Must have stolen it from somewhere Where is the cat going with a chicken breast bigger than her face? Chased her out of […]

Kittens Survive Weeks Without Food Or Water In A Flooded Basement | Animal in Crisis EP65

Informant: Over here! Two kittens fell into the bottom of the basement It’s an emergency so I contacted you Informant guides us to the parking lot They fell to the bottom PD: Ah here? / Yes. PD: I don’t see anything Turn on the light The basement of the mechanical parking lot is filled with […]