Big Cats Eating Bones? – FAQ Friday

Hello, again, and welcome to another FAQ Friday. Many of you watch our Thanksgiving videos of our big cats getting whole turkeys and wonder, “Do the big cats eat bones?” And yes, yes they do. In the wild, big cats would eat bones, so it’s important that our big cat residents eat bones, as well. […]

Big Cat Feeding Time In VR180 3D!

Hey everyone! Afton here! Welcome to Big Cat Rescue’s food prep! This is the building where all the diets are made for the Big Cats so let’s go have a look inside! Big Cat’s are carnivores and need a strict all raw meat diet. Inside this cooler is where we thaw hundreds of pounds of […]

We Reunited Cat Brothers • Ladylike

– Thank you so much for clicking on this video but I have to be honest with you this video is for me. It’s not for you. I don’t know what to say. (laughs) (beep) (bright music) So, today, we are reuniting cat brothers. What does that mean? So, I have two cats. Mars and […]