Amazing!! Animal Saves Another Animal | Animal Heroes (Lesson for humanity) HD

Budapest Zoo has a discussion of the clip, but unfortunately the translation function doesn’t work too well. Anyone with a better knowledge of Hungarian is welcome to fill us in. Some online commentators have speculated the brown bear, Vali, was planning to eat the crow, but changed her mind. However, it certainly doesn’t look like […]

GoPro: Wild Animal Dental Surgery with Kevin Richardson

Who’s a good boy? Are you happy now? Are you happy? Yes, you are much happier. Look at that, look at that spring in you step. Yes, yes, yes. I do need. That’s my good boy. Good boy. I can’t do this with you anymore, you’re too heavy. Yeah, 200 kilos worth. Hey big boy, […]

Kitten giving her human a head bump

Kitten giving her human a head bump Had a bit of a guest in the shed today Little doggie meets big doggie Every meeting needs a kitten Step one : Dunk whole head in She couldn’t keep her eyes open Goodest Boy with Biggest Stick Hey do that thing with your paw Kitten fishing Adorable […]

Three Little Kittens | Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes for Children

Three Little Kittens They lost their mittens And they began to cry Oh mother dear we sadly fear that.. We have lost our mittens What! Lost your mittens You naughty kittens Then you shall have no pie Meow, meow, meow, meow Then we shall have no pie Three Little Kittens They lost there mittens And […]

Amazing Kitten!

♫ His name is Nalts. Yeah! Tch-ch-tch-ch-tch-ch-ch-ch Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh Tch-ch-tch-ch-tch-ch-ch-ch (Kitten) Yippeee! Wheee! Hahahaha! (Nalts) Lovey, come on down Lovey. (Kitten) Can’t get me up here! (Nalts) Come on down kitty. Come on! (Kitten) Wheehoo! Yippee! Yaay! Oh! (Kitten) ♫ Everybody’s doin’ the Michigan rag. (Nalts) Lovey! *plop* *plop* (Nalts) Are you going to flush? (Kitten) […]

Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens: SNEAK PEEK!

Okay, are you guys serious I was gonna try to make a video about my new kids book but you guys are all just laying on top of it. D’you guys see what I have to put up with? How am I supposed to show off the new book if you keep laying on it? […]

Cute Kittens Compilation [NEW] Doing funny things

Welcome Cat Lovers Cute Kittens Funny kitty Compilation KITTEN DOING FUNNY THINGS FUNNY KITTY VIDEO Please Like, Share & Subscribe. Thanks

Shhh don’t wake sleepy sky kitty

Shhh don’t wake sleepy sky kitty A sloth took the boat ride of its life. Dog crawling forward to smile for the camera. Fox cub playing with their husky friend We don’t deserve dogs. He can’t walk but he will be a heckin great floater! A kitten who clearly loves her pup. Good boy wipes […]


oh oh! Look right there It’s massive! I have to get a fishingpole, we have to try and catch it Oh my *** I’ll be right back She’s bob fishing for us If you needed someone to make it interesting then we’ll have Emma Emma, you always make it interesting You have to be careful […]

Funny cats will make you LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF – cute cat compilation 2019 💗😸

Hello, we are Maggie and Brophy let´s play with toilet paper. It is a lot of fun I hope we will make you laugh your head off that´s really funny I like my cat house it is like a carriage where are you? I play hide… Ok, I come in now… lets play some cat […]