Border Collie Is An Overprotective Mom To Her Kitten?! | Kritter Klub

Dog raising a kitten?! I gotta see this.. Soulmates.. Don’t touch! Protective mama dog Even breastfeeds the kitten We don’t have to be blood, to be family Mommy will protect you from other dogs Back off She recently gave birth to two puppies But they passed away So the dog raises the kitten as her […]

Rescuing Chloe, a Paralyzed Kitten

Hannah: That’s gonna fall in like two seconds Andrew: (Yawning) Ah huh Hanna: Uh Oh! Hannah: See!? We’re getting a new kitten! Andrew: Yeah ha! So we just got a call from the DC animal shelter that a solo Kitten just came in all by herself. No mom no siblings She looks to be about […]

🐱 ”Wild Cat’ Walks With Me No.1 = July 23, 2014 🐱

‘Wild Cat’ (my black & white female cat) follows my wife during the afternoon walk Wild Cat repeatedly turns his head back to see if I follow her When I am a little far away, ‘Wild Cat’ sits down and waits for me ‘Wild Cat’, turns back her head to see where I am, She […]

Kitty-Cat & Crowbar Rogue – “Hand-hole.” (Comic Dub / Animation)

Hmm? Be back, Kitty. Huh!! Don’t DO that, Kitty-Ca- Huaua?! It’s stuck?! … and that’s what happened. hmhm… Little help?