Kitten Denies Being Jealous Of A Squirrel Adored By Grandmother | Kritter Klub

The master of the house=Kongee One day, a squirrel came in the house I’m going to destroy you Now is the time! Where do you think you’re going? Gotcha! You shouldn’t bully the squirrel The kitten is really jealous No I’m not Gosh! This isn’t fair!

Injured Cat Never Gives Up Feeding Her Kittens Despite Dizziness | Animal in Crisis EP91

A cat’s going somewhere with something in her mouth Upon a closer look.. It’s a chicken breast Where did the cat get the chicken breast? Maybe took it from a grocery store Must have stolen it from somewhere Where is the cat going with a chicken breast bigger than her face? Chased her out of […]

So cute kitten drinking milk – Can cats drink milk

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A Dog Became A Mom Of Kittens After Losing Her Puppies | Kritter Klub

Are they cats..? Yes, we’re cats=^.^=Huh (?!) Yes, you’re seeing right. The mom is a dog. Passionate “cat mom” Kkaebi PD: Does milk come out? Yes Owner: Since (Kkaebi) has a strong maternal love her brain seems to send the message to her to milk A lot of milk comes out But the funny thing […]

Adorable Babies Playing With Cat- WE LAUGH

Sometime cats are not cute like you thought, and baby plays with cat also become fails. Watching the way they plays together, sometime fighting over. If you have a baby, make sure to buy a cat to be their friend. I bet you’ll have to smile every day with them.

Talent Big Cat Catching A Fish into Mobile phone in The World.

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Kitten Takes Care Of Her Mom’s Corpse | Animal in Crisis EP18

Oh, it’s the sound of a cat A pitiful sound is heard from somewhere As we approach the place we hear the sound from Oh, she’s over here A small kitten ran inside an alley And… Next to the kitten… is another cat.. She used to live with her mother but I didn’t see the […]

Cat Keeps Stealing Another Cat’s Kittens | Kritter Klub

A peaceful afternoon Wait.. What? Oh they’re just playing Synchronism My feline intuition is telling me that something’s not right Why do you think I’m hiding? I’m watching you When you wanna go from Point A to Point B w/o being noticed You’re not John Cena.. I can see you You too Get back here […]

Cat Adopts Abandoned Kittens LOL | Kritter Klub

A suspicious cat Come here, I’ll take you somewhere better~ Cat ‘Chab-ssal’ kidnapping a kitten It looks like she’s the mother cat LOL She keeps carrying around the kittens This is OUR home from now on Owner: She didn’t give birth to those kittens Whoever feeds me is my mama Owner: I know Chab-ssal would […]

Funny Cats And Babies Playing Together- Funny Baby Videos

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