Covered In Kittens – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

Jack: How much did Lindsay freak out about the kittens? Micheal: Oh dude, she was mad. I find out ‘Oh I’m going to get covered in kittens.’ And they were like 5 weeks old. They’re like super tiny Siamese, I think they were Siamese cats. Their eyes were like… Their eyes were like crystal blue. […]

Halloween Kitty Cat Massage Therapy Technique, Tummy Massage & Kitten Costumes | Athena Jezik ASMR

Life Wisdom. Psychetruth Massage. Moew, meow! MEOWWWWW! Meowwwwwww! *laughing* Meowwwwww! This is Athena Jezik and once again we’re right before Halloween so we’re doing a little bit of fun. We also have gotten some new music, so if you could let us know if you like the new music or not that would be helpful. […]