Pregnant Cat Couldn’t Give Up Her Kittens Even When Stranded On The Roof | Animal in Crisis EP89

A mysterious creature.. above a 20 meter high building? Informant : If that falls off by mistake It’ll be too dangerous since it’s too high.. Because she might fall to the concrete ground.. Don’t know how she went up there There’s no way she can go inside.. On the passage tunnel connecting two school building.. […]

Poor Kitten Stuck In A Narrow Pit Waits For Passengers’ Help (Full ver.) | Animal in Crisis EP100

Local : No sound during the daytime,but she cries a lot at 2am. And here… A man looking for that sound Even he opens a manhole cover and seems to call someone… And from that space, we can see…Then we hear cat wailing from somewhere Here,Here! You see here. Here. And from that space, we […]

Cat Calls People To The Wall To Save His Kitten Friend Stuck Inside Of It | Kritter Klub

The neighborhood’s cheeky cat But don’t touch meow belly! Yeah~ That’s the spot~ Local/ Out of the blue, she strolls around and doesn’t leave Wut, you got sum problem?! Not only does she not leave but also seduces hoomans with his charm Push-and-pull expert After following her Followed me well, hooman Local/ If you try […]

Kitten Stuck In A Narrow Pit Grabs Passengers To Play With Him | Kritter Klub

I’m a baby cat Who fell into a pit Can anyone hear me..? Oh, I hear hoomans! Nabi~ Yes, I’m here! Fortunately Once a day, the door opens Kid 1 : Come here~ I’ll give you food Kid 2 : Don’t give too much, or else the cat will get a stomachache There you go~ […]

Kitten Nearly Choking On Glue Wants To Know If His Brother’s Survived Too | Animal In Crisis EP75

In the narrow alley Little creatures barely breathe Steel wires and the wall Blocks any access to them Thanks to the help from the neighbor Looks at the alley closely.. Found two kittens entangled with steel wires They are caught in a glue trap Guess they couldn’t escape from it since they’re too young With […]

Kitten Stranded On A Roof Brings His Last Food Left, Crying Out For Help | Animal in Crisis EP81

Informant/ A baby kitten cries for days.. Informant/ In this building PD/ Where? Informant/ The building behind.. The informant points at the top of the building Informant/ The kitten is over there PD/ Is the kitten crying right now? Informant/ Yes.. Over the window, the kitten walks on the narrow roof dangerously The kitten cries […]

Kitten Who Went Missing Inside The Car Was Hiding In ‘This’ Secret Place | Kritter Klub

At dark night.. Inside the car.. A cat?! Welcome to my palace~ Who are you, kitty.. I’m just doing’ mah thang~ The kitty is so done lol Zzz….DO NOT TALK TO ME Did you know that the kitty is living inside your car? Car owner/ Not at all cuz I couldn’t hear any noise or […]