Hunting a Capybara | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: A male capybara might look docile, but they’re expert swimmers with razor sharp teeth. The jaguars– they don’t realize that there’s a capybara over there. NARRATOR: The jaguars are now so secretive that the only way to see how they hunt is with remote cameras. We can see that these sisters are really, really […]

Kitten Denies Being Jealous Of A Squirrel Adored By Grandmother | Kritter Klub

The master of the house=Kongee One day, a squirrel came in the house I’m going to destroy you Now is the time! Where do you think you’re going? Gotcha! You shouldn’t bully the squirrel The kitten is really jealous No I’m not Gosh! This isn’t fair!

Why Do Cats Knead?

So you know when your cat comes up to you, and it starts to look at you, and it seems happy, it’s purring, and then it tries to make biscuits out of your body? it’s so cute It’s cute because kitty loves you! But it’s also painful because kitty’s love is made out of little […]

Sneaky Scavengers | Big Cat Week

[music playing] NARRATOR: Unlike the loner leopard, jackals– canine cousins of the wild dog– lead a more sociable life. They can live as pairs and mate for life. [music playing] They’re also extremely cunning and adaptive. Equal opportunity hunters and thieves. Like shadows, they hang out on the fringes of other predators’ kills. Even a […]

Cheetah Cubs First Adventure | Big Cat Week

[birds chirping] [singing] [music playing] NARRATOR: For Ceta’s five cubs, living in this snug little home seems like paradise. The cubs are now old enough for their first trip. The gazelle herds have moved on, and the family needs to catch up. Ceta quickly discovers that herding cats isn’t easy. For Ceta, it’s time to […]