How to trim a cat’s nails with two people

Hi, my name is Dr. Yuri Burstyn I’m a veterinarian in Vancouver BC and I’d like to welcome you to my series of practical skills for pet owners [voiceover]: I’m here today with Claudia and my assistant Sarah to demonstrate to you guys how to trim a cat’s nails when you have two people. A […]

Ocelot ATTACK!

– I’m Coyote Peterson, and this is an ocelot. Hi, buddy, ah, jeeze, bit me right in the face. (wild music) There’s an old saying that things go bump in the night. And if you are out exploring the darkness of Costa Rica’s most diverse region, the Osa Peninsula, those things that go bump also […]

This Cat Looks So Fluffy And Cute But Why Is He So Angry At His Owner? | Kritter Klub

Meow!! Meow! Meoww kyaa Fierce Austin… Why you so scary like that?=+.+=Owner: He growls and gets wary these days.. He wasn’t like that before *Jumps in to snuggle* What the..?.? Sudden change in mood lol Mild Mild BUT To his older bro.. Get off ma back !!! RAWRRRRR RAWR How dare you..=+___+=Oof bro’s SHOOK Don’t […]

Most Brutal Kitten VS Cat Fight EVER!

*Introduction* *The battle begins* *The brave kitten attacks the alpha cat* *The alpha cat resists* *The brave kitten pounces onto the alpha cat* *Intense battle* *The brave kitten is held down by the alpha cat* *The brave kitten pounces again* *The brave kitten gets trapped in a headlock* *The alpha cat retreats* *The brave kitten […]

Ocelot vs Crab!

– Right now she’s just playing with it. That now, you see the crab’s defensive posture there, he’s got his pincers out saying, yeah I oh, oh oh! Yeah, that’s a lesson you learn. Get too close to a crab and you’re gonna get pinched in the face. Look at her she’s like, ouch. And […]

Why I Can’t Touch This Cat? – Part 1

Hi, my name is Dr. Uri Burstyn I’m a veterinarian in Vancouver, B.C. and I’d like to welcome you to my series of practical skills for pet owners I’m here with Mr.Pirate to talk about a question that I got asked quite a few times uh, after publishing my squish the cat video and that […]

Ferocious Cat NEEDS MEAT!

– [Mark] Coyote, why so nervous? – Well, today I’m gonna enter an enclosure with a serval, which is a feisty little Savannah cat. And I’m gonna attempt to feet it this bucket of chicken. It’s either gonna end really well or really badly. (cat hisses) (wild drum music) The rolling grasslands of South Africa […]

How Your Kitty Feels About Cute Pet Costumes | Funny Cats

It’s that time of year again. What time is it I can’t tell time because I can’t see it. Is it Taco Tuesday? No, it’s time to wear our scariest costumes. I’m in a pumpkin. And i’m a witch. No sh*t sherlock. Why is everybody serious, you need a shot of tequila. I’m hiding from […]