Ragdoll Cat Cats 101

The Ragdoll, so named because of how he responds to being picked up, is also a breed known for his love of people. While he might not be a particularly old breed, the Ragdoll is a unique breed of cat with a fascinating history. Why don’t you tag along as we check out this big, […]

Kitten and cat food rules – Whiskas K.I.T.

Here at K.I.T. we encourage our students to break all the rules …apart from these ones. Please don’t use the lasers unsupervised. The marine biology department’s specimens are not for snacking. Don’t use your hacking skills to collapse foreign economies. And finally, don’t eat adult food if you’re under 12 months old. Eat kitten food […]

Paranoia Agent | Otesánek, Alice e Hello Kitty

You know those children’s books that are kinda scary and sometimes it’s hard to believe that they were made for children? I think we need a little more context so I won’t sound creepy in this video Or, at least, not the only one. Jon: “A curious thing is that I’m usually not scared by […]

This is what happens when you foster kittens in an office for an entire week

(kittens meowing) – My thought on cats.. – I love cats – I adore cats. – Textbook cat lady. – I (beep) hate cats. – I am making all of my coworkers foster kittens. We’re doing this through the ASPCA and we’re basically having an office full of kittens for the entire week. I like […]

Why Your Cute Cat Is Still A Vicious Killer

This episode of Dnews is brought to you by Domain.com. Want to know why your cat only loves you some of the time? Then come see me after this intro. Look at this face. Stare into it’s ferocious untamable eyes. Cower in it’s innate ability to stealthily stalk prey to satisfy it’s carnivorous desire for […]

Helping Kittens with Ringworm!

Wanna hear a spooky story? My kittens have… ringwooooorm! Noooooo! The horrooooorrr! Hi guys. [laughing] Ooh, that’s creepy. Okay, but in all seriousness, ringworm sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. HANNAH: She’s got ringworm. ANDREW: Gross. HANNAH: She’s glowing! [makes club music beat sound effects] [Andrew joins in] [Andrew singing, Hannah laughing] HANNAH […]

Bottle Baby Kittens – Still on the Bottle but Learning Litter Box!

Hi there and welcome back to Kitten School! Our six tiny bottle babies are now almost a month old and they’re growing so fast. After being rescued from a construction site when they were barely a week old the kittens needed to be bottle fed every four hours for the first three weeks. That means […]

Acoustic Kitty and Bat Bombs: Citation Needed 6×05

This is the Technical Difficulties, we’re playing ‘Citation Needed’. Joining me today, he reads books y’know, it’s Chris Joel. I thought o’summat on t’train, but it’s gone now. Everybody’s favourite Gary Brannan, Gary Brannan. So in the end I just stocked up on booze from the Tesco’s, had a massive dump and went to sleep. […]

National Cat Awards 2012 finalist: Jessi-Cat

Lorcan, my son, he’s seven years old and he has Selective Mutism. It’s an anxiety disorder which means that children with Selective Mutism find it very, very difficult or impossible to communicate verbally with adults usually, but any strangers, sometimes even members of their own family. Lorcan was diagnosed when he started school nursery at […]

WTF – Hello Kitty Soap Magnet

So what you’re saying is… You will never drop the soap again! ♫WTF Music♫ Captions by: Asian Invasion ♫Dum Dum Dum Dum♫ Mong Mong! ♫Dum Dum Dum Dum♫ Woah! Here we are back in our washroom again I feel like we have far too many washroom-related WTFs I know If you don’t know what we’re […]