Search for the LION KING!

(dramatic music) – [Coyote] This was an unprecedented level of danger, which meant everything had to go right, because if it didn’t, that meant everything had gone horribly wrong. (roaring) (intense music) Sharp rays of sunlight crept up from the horizon, casting a golden radiance across the savanna. Morning has arrived in South Africa, and […]

Taking our F3 Savannah Cat on a walk to the park!

Heding out. this is what it looks like to take Kayode man on a walk Walking over to the park there’s a little pond over here that the little man likes to hop around on the rocks and Sniff all the plants and try and chase all the flies Yeah He loves being outside We […]

Pusheen: Kitten Adventures with Pip the Kitten

Kitten Adventures with Pip the kitten The Adventure The Reality The Adventure The Reality The Adventure The Reality The End


Hey guys! So I’ve been wanting to tell you this next story for a while. It’s one that I love. I had a dream come true in Zambia and I’ll just start it from the beginning. The story takes place during my first trip to Africa. They welcomed me with open arms. What do you […]

Ocelot ATTACK!

– I’m Coyote Peterson, and this is an ocelot. Hi, buddy, ah, jeeze, bit me right in the face. (wild music) There’s an old saying that things go bump in the night. And if you are out exploring the darkness of Costa Rica’s most diverse region, the Osa Peninsula, those things that go bump also […]

Ocelot vs Crab!

– Right now she’s just playing with it. That now, you see the crab’s defensive posture there, he’s got his pincers out saying, yeah I oh, oh oh! Yeah, that’s a lesson you learn. Get too close to a crab and you’re gonna get pinched in the face. Look at her she’s like, ouch. And […]

KITTY CATS – Skyrim Mods – Week 163

Hi guys, welcome to Skyrim Mods Weekly; I just hit 666,666 subscribers! Um, no- no devil or anything, okay? Um, alright. Shit, well, now everybody thinks I’m a satanist. Great fucking start to this episode… Shall we celebrate, though? – twerk music – Uh, so that intro was a result of listening to this beautiful […]

Ferocious Cat NEEDS MEAT!

– [Mark] Coyote, why so nervous? – Well, today I’m gonna enter an enclosure with a serval, which is a feisty little Savannah cat. And I’m gonna attempt to feet it this bucket of chicken. It’s either gonna end really well or really badly. (cat hisses) (wild drum music) The rolling grasslands of South Africa […]

SML Movie: Jeffy’s Cat Piano Problem!

Mario: So uh, what do you want to do today? Rosalina: Well, we can always- (meowing) Mario: Jeffy, stop it! No cat piano today! Jeffy: But I wanna play my cat piano, daddy. Mario: Well, it’s annoying Jeffy. I don’t want you playing your cat piano. Jeffy: Well, can I sing a song? Mario: Wha- […]


– I’m Coyote Peterson. How do you guys think I would look with a blond mustache? (jaguar roar) (rapid drumming) The rainforests of Costa Rica are filled with beautiful animals. However, sometimes the most stunning creatures can also be the most dangerous. Defensive appearances are everything on the Osa Peninsula, whether it’s camouflage to keep […]