Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Cat Veterinary Exam

We wanted also to go through a thorough physical exam and I’m going to ask the owner of this kitty cat that if they have any health concerns. So, that’s where we’re going to start. We want to go ahead and have a good look at your cat. I think I actually put your kitty […]

Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Giving Cats Medication

So, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about medication. Has your cat had any medication yet? Not that I’m aware of. Ok. What we like to do at McDonald Animal Hospital, is to try and always send home liquid medications that taste good. But, often times I don’t think that owner’s are […]

Spending a Day with Cats Gives you Happiness (Cute Cats – Cute Kittens)

Do not fight. I’ve brought enough cat food for all of you. Come on, girl. What a beautiful cat you are. You want my love? I only brought one fish for you. When you see a fish, you get ecstatic. I know you. You have a scar in your ear. Your mouth, nose and eyes […]

Spending a Day with Stray Cats (Cute Kittens and Cats)

Hello friends. If you like roses, you must endure the thorns. I love thorns like this. These cats are so beautiful What a beautiful cat you are. You can eat here. The cat lying there, why doesn’t he come? You can eat too You should eat here. That cat looks like a psycho. Please leave […]

Mama Cat Adopted Forlorn Kittens

Excuse me!. Do you have an empty breast? If there’s, two more kittens will come. The mother cat is used to her new kittens. She’s not reluctant anymore. She loves to breastfeed them. I look into your eyes, your eyes healed. If you clear the new kitten, we’d appreciate it. On the first day the […]