Cats on the Move – Simon’s Cat Logic #18

Well, thinking about it – my cats chose the location of where I live now as much as I did really. Because when I was looking for a new place to live, I was always wary of busy roads and dangerous areas and things. So I was just thinking about the safety of the cats. […]

The Snip – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #81

(Opening theme) (Simon grunting) (Cat wakes up) (Cat gets frightened) (Simon makes kissing noises) [Simon] (Pats table) Hey. Heeyy! (Simon sighs then chuckles) (Cage rattling) [Cat] Hmm? (Cage rattles again) [Cat] Hmm? (Kitten stumbles) (Face-plants) (Kitten stumbles again) (Kitten feels dizzy) (Kitten sighs) [Cat] (Sniffs) Meow? [Kitten] Mew! [Cat] Hmm? [Kitten] Mew! (Kitten signifying he […]

Armchair Fan – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #80

♫ Theme tune ♫ Mew Hmm [Scratching sound] [Footsteps] ♫ Simon humming ♫ [TV Turns on] [Channel changes – Audience laughter] Meow [Channel changes – Scary movie screams] Meow [Channel changes – Muffled football commentary] Ooooh Ooo, Hehehe. Ah… Mew! Meow! Meow! Come on… Hmmm. [Muffled scratching noise] Meeoow! [Football crowd cheering!] Uh.. Haha! Hehehehe. […]

9 Essentials for a Happy Cat! – Simon’s Cat | COLLECTION

9 Essentials for a Happy Cat! 1. A warm place to sleep. 2. A healthy diet. damn 3. Regular check ups. 4. Space to exercise. 5. Regular grooming. 6. Channel their inner huntsman 7. A scratching post 8. Provide entertainment. 9. Cat cuddles! Hello! I’m Simon Tofield. Creator of Simon’s Cat. If you enjoyed this […]

Showdown – Simon’s Cat (Jazz Trilogy! – 3/3) | SHORTS #84

♬ Theme tune ♬ [Birds tweeting] [Rustle] MEOW!! Erm Meow, mew, mew, mew MEOW! [Thwack] [Pow] [Thud] [Kapow!] Er? Meow? Mew. Miaoooouuuu [Thud] MEOW!!! [SMACK!] Meow! [Purring] [Lick, lick, lick] [Purring] [Purring] Hello! I’m Simon. Creator of Simon’s Cat. Did this film in remind you of your cat? Share your stories below. We love to […]

Tips to find your missing cat! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #17

Today we’re talking about when cats go missing. About three years ago my big fluffy black cat Teddy went missing. After the first evening I was a little bit worried I sort of sensed there was something something was up. If you return to an empty home you may be concerned that your cat is […]

Staircase – Simon’s Cat | SHORT #89

♬ Theme tine ♬ [Cheerful humming] [Toy – Squeak! Squeak!] [Squeak! Squeak! [Squeak!] Huh? Come on! Move! Meow. Hmmm… [Purring] [Purring] [Off screen humming] [More cheerful humming] Huh… Meow. Hmmm…. Move! Hrrrmmrrrh [Loud toy squeak!] Wahhh errr. Meow. Huh! [Toy squeak!] [Purr chirp] Hmmm. Eeek! MEOW! Whoah! Erffff…ffff….ffff…ffff….fffff…. Eek. [Sloooooowwww – toy squeak!] [Broken glass] […]