Surprising the Kids With A New Kitten!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Surprising the Kids With A New Kitten!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

– Someone’s not wearing
green, so I get to pinch you. I’m so excited for their surprise. You guys, I think a leprechaun came. – Coins! – I’m hiding in the boy’s room. Not the only animal we’re getting today. We’re actually are getting a It’s the best thing ever – We may have a little leprechaun
bringing something to us. (upbeat music) – Good morning. – Good morning. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. – Happy Saint Patrick’s day. What’s up, you guys? Ollie is creating his very own book. So he came to me this morning
with a stack of paper, right? And he’s like, “I wanna make a book”, so I stapled it and now he’s been making – [Missy] Did he do this? – [Ollie] Yes. – [Missy] You even did all the little x’s? That’s so cute. – [Papa] So, it’s a book of like – [Ollie] This is a scorpion. – [Papa] all his favorite animals, right? – [Missy] Wow. – This is the lizard I did. – [Missy] Wow. – [Ollie] And this is the spider I did. – [Missy] This is amazing, Ollie. – [Papa] That’s so cool,
and now he has blank pages that he can just draw. Do you wanna draw this one next? So, it’s Saint Patrick’s
day and Ollie was smart and put on a green shirt, but
someone’s not wearing green so, I get to pinch you. Where’s your green, Mr? – No, Dada. – Finn loves Spiderman
so much that he’s like “I’m not putting on green,
I’m wearing Spidey.” Ollie has already punched
me because I don’t believe I have any green on my Mac
Miller shirt or on my shorts. – This is not my official outfit. [Papa] You’re not wearing green. (Missy shouts) – [Papa] Pinch mommy, pinch mommy! She’s not wearing green. You guys, she’s not wearing green. – I have green underwear. – [Papa] Oh, he’s wearing green underwear. Prove it. – I got the memo, I got the memo. – Alright, Mimi’s safe. – [Missy] Hey Finn, I don’t
know if you ever have to wear green again because you are like a real life leprechaun aren’t you? – Do you remember that video? Where you’re dressed up like a leprechaun and caused havoc in the house? [Missy] That was the cutest thing ever. (irish music) – If you guys have not seen it, we’ll have it linked up in the icard. – So, as you guys know, it’s
Saint Patrick’s day for us. So, my wife is about to walk in to my office dressed like this. [Missy] I have to put on
my green, so it’s fine. Look, I’m doing my irish jig. – [Papa] Look at your jigging. Babe, you are looking good. – You still need to put on your green. – I, my eyes are green, I
don’t need to wear green. – That doesn’t count. – [Papa] Sham rock my world. You’re so cute. – I think this is a little
bit much, but I really need the boys in to the spirit
because we’re about to have a little Saint Patrick’s day fun. – I’m so excited for their surprise. We may have a little leprechaun
bringing something to us. – For the Saint Patrick’s little
surprise for the boys today we had to run up to the barn really quick. If you know what I had to grab for them leave it down in the comments. I think everything is going good. (kitten meowing) I’m hiding in the boy’s
room with their surprise and I’m trying to stay really quiet. So excited to see their reaction. – You guys, think a leprechaun came . – We do have something
to surprise the boys with and I’m really really excited. Let’s go get them. [Papa] Hey boys, why don’t we come inside? I love you boys, happy
Saint Patrick’s Day. – What? What? What? – Coins. – Wait, what? – Coins! It means a leprechaun
has been in our house. – [Papa] Ah, you guys grab these coins. They’re worth so much money. Grab them and put them in your pocket. See how much money you can get in there. That’s crazy, why would
there be gold coins in here. – Maybe a leprechaun dropped them. – [Papa] Maybe, yeah you
stuffing your pockets. Um, wow, wow you guys need
to see this over here. It’s an arrow. [Papa] An arrow? – Follow the gold coins. It’s going in to our bedroom. – [Papa] Wow, the gold
coins went to the bedroom? – Yeah. – What do you guys think’s in there? – A leprechaun. – [Papa] Do you wanna see? – Yeah. – [Papa] Alright, open it up and see. (boys gasp) – [Missy] What do you think? I think a leprauchon left
us a little surprise. This is Winston from the barn. So Ollie? – What? – We’re going to keep him. – Yay! – So, we have a kitty. – [Papa] So, we were thinking, what if he could be our kitty? – Cool! – [Papa] What do you think Finn? – [Missy] Are you excited? We have a new kitty. This was such a fun little decision because he is very savvy in the outdoors. – He’s gonna be catching
all the little rodents running around in our garage. He’s so cute, huh? – He is so cute, huh? – So cute. – He is so cute, huh? – [Missy] He loves kittens, huh? – [Papa] Just be really
gentle and soft with him and make sure to give
him lots of pets, okay? – [Missy] Look at them. – [Papa] Look at him, he’s
just totally sitting on Finn. He’s so chill. – I can’t believe you actually got him. – [Papa] We actually got a kitty. – But where is he gonna live? – Here with us. – [Papa] They’re so cute. – [Missy] He loves you guys so much. – It’s really actually kinda nice because the cat knows the boys and the
boys already knows the cat. So, they’re already
comfortable with each other so we’re not gonna have any
issues transitioning there. He’s gonna be mainly for getting
all those mice and rodents in our garage and in our court
and backyard and stuff just – [Missy] Mice? – Yeah, like little mice and stuff. He’ll probably bring us little treats every now and then too. – Ollie, when I was growing up I had a cat that loved me so much
that when I would wake up every morning he’d bring me an animal. Like on my floor. – [Papa] Isn’t that crazy? – [Missy] So, he might bring some lizards. – [Papa] Maybe he’ll catch scorpions. – Oh my gosh, these kids
can literally hug him and he like loves it. – [Ollie] My kitty is so cute. I wanna sleep with him. He’s so cute. – If you guys didn’t see
our last video, I’ll have it linked up in the icard but
we talked about this kitty needing a home at the barn. – He’s just laying on me. – Yeah! So, this is Winston, you guys. And, he’s our new family member. – I can’t believe we
actually got a kitty cat. – Yes, it’s true you guys. Hit that thumbs up button because we got a new member of the family today and comment down below. Say, “Welcome to the family, Winston.” – Welcome to the family, Winston. – He’s got green eyes, you guys. So, he’s basically our
little leprechaun kitty. – He’s so gentle. – Yeah, he’s like the
sweetest cat in the world. – [Missy] I think Brian’s having some bonding time with the cat. What do you think? Do you love him? – He’s cute. – [Missy] He’s so cute, he’s like literally such a sweet cat. – He just jumped up on my
lap and started purring. – [Missy] Yeah, and
he’s got quite the story he is a very sweet cat for a reason. He’s been been through a lot in his life. – Oh, really? – [Missy] He’s definitely
like a little rescue cat that is just so thankful to
have people that love him. So, Winston here, he
actually a few years back was attached by a Coyote
and mulled a pretty good to the point where he did have surgery and they had to kind of like
nurse him back to health Well, that lady ended up
like having to give him up to Maria who he’s been
staying at in the barn and he’s so savvy, he – Savvy since then, like he’s
just been really sweet and – Yeah, he loves people. He was just nursed back
to health by people so he just knows how
grateful he is to be alive and be here, so he’s gonna
be so happy here to just have a nice little home. – He reminds me of Bugs. – [Missy] I know. I remember Bugs. – My grandma used to have a
black cat like while growing up and his name was Bugs. He was a lot fatter than this one. – [Missy] Yeah, he was a big cat. Ollie is just over there
waiting for his turn to pet him again. So, Winston is going to
be staying in the basement for a little bit until he
gets acclimated to our house. And so that he doesn’t get scared and he can’t get away for a little while. We just set up a little spot for him. Okay Winston, here’s your
blanket from the barn. You know that thing, huh? Hehe, you wanna sit on it? Alright, he’s checking
out his food and water. What do you think? – [Ollie] (mumbles) I can’t believe we got a kitty. – [Missy] He’s eating, I
think that means he’s happy. – [Finn] Yeah! – [Ollie] He’s not wagging
his tail, well, a little bit. – [Missy] That tail. We couldn’t let the dogs feel left out. They got some treats today
and these yummy little bones and Luna is loving it. She’s like, “Don’t even talk to me.” She’s actually the nicest dog to pet even though she’s got a bone. Karma got one too but he
kind of just dropped his and was like, “I’d rather be inside.” He’s inside the house right now and he’s not eating his
bone but they are definitely getting love even though we just got a cat and the kids are obsessed with the cat I was like, “We need to
get a treat for the dog.” So, funny story, the cat is not the only animal we’re getting today. We actually are getting a chicken. So yeah, I actually have a
neighbor who’s a friend of mine who has this cute little petting zoo that I am obsessed with. They have horses and donkeys. It’s the best thing ever. Alright, this is Snuggles. And as you can see, she actually
had some missing feathers so they like put her
feathers back together. She grew her feathers back
because she’s just not getting along with the other chickens. – [Missy’s Neighbor] Look at this goat. – Let’s bring Snuggles home. She’s the cutest thing ever. – [Missy] So, we just drove
home with Snuggles in the front and she was literally perfect. – [Papa] Uh Babe, does
this mean two new pets? What are you doing to me? – Two new pets in one day! I’m so happy. – [Papa] I’m basically just
making all her dreams come true. – Yes, this is like all I want in my life. Actually we just visited
a house that had donkeys – [ Missy’s Neighbor] I want a donkey now. – Pigs and goats and oh my gosh. I want all the animals in my backyard now. – [Papa] Is she gonna make me some eggs? – Yeah, she’s like perfect
age to start laying them. Say good night to kitty. – [Ollie] Good night, kitty. I can’t believe we even got a kitty. – [Missy] Happy Saint Patrick’s day, boys. – Ollie literally just
sat here on the stairs and he got right him right up on his lap. – [Missy] Aww. – And he just sat there on his lap. – [Missy] You have a kitty that love you. – I’m the Kitty man now. – [Missy] You’re the kitty man. He just named himself the kitty man. (mumbles) – I made that. – [Missy] Oh, you made that with – [Ollie] Fin made this
and he said that it’s him. – [Missy] Aw. So, this is Winston, but what did you want call start calling him? – Snuggle Bugs. – Snuggle Bugs, you guys,
which I think is so cute because we were talking
earlier, my gran used to have a cat named bugs. – [Missy] Yeah. – [Papa] So, Snuggle Bugs is cute. – [Missy] So, I’m kind of
thinking maybe we could call him Winston Snuggle Bugs. (Ollie sings) – Winston Snuggle Bugs. – [Missy] Yes. – [Papa] I’m petting under his
chin and he’s like loving it. – [Missy] Aw, that’s
the cutest thing ever. He’s been kind of roaming around the house so he’s definitely getting acclimated. The dog’s have even hung
out with him a little bit. To be honest guys, though,
the biggest issue with this cat is the fact that he is black. He doesn’t focus. – If you guys doesn’t
even see him on the camera it doesn’t mean he’s out
of focus it’s just because – Can I sleep with him? – Not today. He might get scared because he doesn’t know your room, okay? – But we’ll see him in the morning, okay? – Okay. – [Missy] There, he just needs some light. – [Papa] Can you guys see him now? He needs a flash at all time. – [Missy] He’s like, “I’ll need a light to follow me everywhere.” – [Papa] Look at those green eyes. – [Missy] I know. You’re our little leprochan kitty. Alright, we had such a
fun Saint Patrick’s day. Let us know what you guys
did for Saint Patrick’s day by leaving it down in the
comments but we’re gonna go ahead and end this video. It is time for bed and the dogs are like “Um, we wanna meet the kitties.” Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you guys and we’ll see you guys in our next video. – [Ollie] Bye! Boop! – We are at the new barn. I have been planning something and Missy does not know about it. – We got lots of fun
stuff for the kitty cat. – Probably should ask her first. – Karma, you gonna be nice to Winston? – (mumbles) – Will you give me a kiss? (kiss sound) (upbeat music)

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