Stray Cats and Kittens Eating Cat Food And Playing Cat Games

Stray Cats and Kittens Eating Cat Food And Playing Cat Games

Hello there. These tents were sent by my gentle friend Wendy Doe for stray cats. sent 10 tents for street cats by cargo. Only 4 of the tents can be used. The remaining six of them were broken in the cargo. I’il fix the broken ones. Broken sticks Broken sticks Thank you to all the donors. Please don’t send me donations if you feed stray cats where you live. Keep feeding them.

52 thoughts on “Stray Cats and Kittens Eating Cat Food And Playing Cat Games

  1. I have good news.  cats are climbing over panel fence. 
    1 ) I will take precautions to prevent them from climbing. 
    2 ) On Sunday I will build 5 new cat houses for cats. 
    3) I'll make tarpaulins so that cat houses don't get wet from the rain.  4) I will try to neuter cats one by one.

  2. i’m so happy to see the cats playing and having fun!! they are all so sweet and so cute, thank you for taking care of them sedat!!

  3. Sedat bey gönderdiğiniz kedi maması elime ulaştı çok çok çok teşekkür ederim gerçekten mükemmel birisiniz ❣

  4. Please watch Orange Queen. It looks like she's full of milk. If it hardens it will kill her. It is called mastitis. It van happen in just a few days. I hope that she will allow other kittens to suckle. Then she would be ok but she looks very upset. The tents look like they are for indoor use and will blow away outside. Maybe your indoor cat will use them? Building something more sturdy is a great idea. I know the Orange mother is upset. All her babies are gone. I know she is wild. Maybe the vet has a hormone you can put in her food so she stops producing milk? I don't know. I hope she will let s younger cat suckle and soon she will be pregnant again. That should help slow milk production. I dont want her to die too. Please talk to your vet about it. It will kill her fast. I pray for her. I feel sorry for her.

  5. Bonjour Sedat !
    Beaucoup de bonnes nouvelles aujourd'hui , les tentes vont être très bien pour les chats mais c'est dommage que certaines sont cassées mais je pense qu'on peut les réparer . L'idée de les faire stériliser un par un est vraiment très bonne mais je sais que ça coûte cher ! Et toujours beaucoup de monde à nourrir comme d'habitude ♥♥ 🙂 🙂

  6. I hope that people (specially in Turkey) will watch your channel and change their mentality towards animals,dogs in particular.We should teach the children and youth to respect all GOD'S CREATURES.Thank you for your ♥️ and dedication.

  7. Sedat, this is what's needed for the top of your fence to keep them from jumping over….
    It is absolutely cat proof! Please look at that!

  8. Hello, Sedat! Nice video and happy news. I wish a great week to you and the cats and kittens.🙋‍♀️👍💚🌼🍀

  9. You are making amazing progress and overcoming so many obstacles. You have done well with the tents. The cats are enjoying the facilities….🌻😻🤩

  10. 🌹 Thank you so much, dear Sedat, for all you do for these lovely cats and kittens!!!!

  11. What a shame the other tents were damaged so badly. Someone tried so hard to help the cats with shelter. I wish they could get their money back for the damaged ones but the company would probably want the broken ones returned and that would defeat the purpose. I keep trying to think of a way they could be used for the outdoors cats but as there is no grass (is there?) to pin the tents down I keep getting zero. I thought duct tape could fix them but it looks like elephants stomped on the containers. If I were you, I would let your family cat pick one out and keep the others inside in case you get another sick cat. God forbid. Maybe along the way you will find a way to use them outside. 🤔🍀🙏

  12. Dear Sedat, greetings from Florida! Thanks for doing this, it's great to see someone caring for these beautiful creatures, living under trying conditions as they are. The problem is the same here–too many cats, too few adopters. Thank you again. Somehow we'll solve this problem.

  13. Hi Sedat! Are those the tents I sent you? The picture makes them look a little disappointing. If your having a hard time with them. Please let me know. I don't want you to try to fix things you can't. Let me know what you want to do. Love, Wendy

  14. Thank you for feeding &taking care of these sweet & lovely cats & kittens! You are very kind!
    I also feed and care for stray cats and kittens in my yard! Good luck, Sedat! :)))

  15. Hi Sedat hope your doing well. I had to wait a day or two before commenting again after the loss of orange angel because some of the comments were very upsetting to me. I know you don't trick us into donating and that you do all you can for these angels. While everyone is entitled to their opinion they need to stop with the negativity towards you and what your doing. It's very easy for them to make accusations or talk about what you should've done when they aren't there and have no idea how hard your struggling to help these kitties. I'd like to know what they do to help since they never mention helping a stray. I know how hard it is and the pain of losing them so just know most of us believe in you and what your doing and we know your doing the best you can. Your one person trying to save many and that's what counts. I must say I'm very disappointed in some of the things said to you and about you. Please pay that no mind and continue doing your best. If you need donations ask don't refuse help because of others. We who know about you and watch you all the time have absolutely no doubts you use the money for helping your kitties. My sincere heartfelt condolences on the loss of orange angel. She's at peace now no more suffering. May the Good Lord bless you and all of your babies!!!

  16. Hello Sedat 💐
    The tentes are very beautiful
    Thank you for all efforts you do for these cats, God bless you 💙💚💚🧡🧡💛💜

  17. The tents look nice and the kitties
    can enjoy them in spring or summer. But I suppose, they aren"t
    helpful in the cold season. Cat houses and cat igloos should be a
    better choice. 🐈❤🐈

  18. Nice tents.. But I don't think they are suitable for cats….Their nails.. You know. ..☺😊If they start to scratch them… ,they will be ruined immediately.. 😒😒😏

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