Story Of Mother Cateresa And Her Irresponsible Daughter (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

Story Of Mother Cateresa And Her Irresponsible Daughter (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

Mommy~ Mom~? Mom is coming ♡♡ My precious babies ^-^ PD: How many of them are there..? Shall we take a moment to count ’em all? And the grand total is: 9 kittens!! Is this actually possible? Cole’s owner: The smaller kittens are Cole’s kittens Cole’s owner: And the bigger ones are another mother’s kittens Did we just hear that right?! Among these cuties Half of them are Cole’s kittens And the other half were born from another mother..o.o? From taking care of 9 babies Cole’s energy is drained (A kitten from another mother) The other mother Because of moles (on her face) her name is Conabi
(Note: Co means nose and cats are commonly referred to as nabi in Korean) Are my babies doing well~ Seems like they’re doing fine ^^? See ya laters then babies=^x^=And I’ll be on my way Excuse me ma’am.. What? Just tryna enjoy my freedom here k? Cole’s owner: (Conabi) only gave birth Cole’s owner: She has no interest in child care… A rather cold-hearted mom..>.

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  1. Get the cats FIXED!! It's not cute or funny!!!! Too many unwanted litters of kittens!! Thumbs down!! Sending people a message who show videos of unspayed cats having more and more cats!!Too many sick and unwanted kittens already that need homes!!

  2. Академия переезда
    Всё как у людей. Старо как мир. Психология человека и животного одинакова. Ничего для нас нового. Но всё равно отношение врослой мамы-кошки ко всем котятам трогательно.
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    Just like people. As old as the world. The psychology of man and animal is the same. Nothing new for us. But still the attitude vrosly Mama cat for all kittens moving.

  3. There are at least two Tri-colored Calicos in that mix. If one or both are MALE, I want them!!! They are rare. But more than likely, they are female.

  4. Que conchuda la gata blanca-negra, la gata monita le da de comer a las otras crías, se va a descalcificar y desnutrir terriblemente.

  5. Conabi would rather be a THOT while her mother cares for all the children. Typical young mom like the ones that live in my own city.

  6. OMG! The kitties are realy c utes but they need to be spay and neuter though….are you going to let them be wild cats and dirty? What happens when they are sick? Riht how they are living in cardboard as the their homes🤔🤔

  7. They should really neuter the moms and their kittens because they just keep bringing more kitties to this world and there are already so many street cats in crisis.

  8. In America, we call cats ( and women) that act like Conabi, thots. Please Conabi, stay home the kittens need you, that boy cat only wants you for your p#$$y. Lol😅

  9. Por favor les agradecemos que pongan los subtitulos en español. Muchas gracias.un gran abrazo con amor y luz en vuestra senda.

  10. Conabi is like my auntie, she leaves my spoiled cousine to grandma and my grandma always takes care of him but the bad thing is my spoiled cousin always screams at grandma, and my auntie is a bitch she doesn't even try to be with her son, and the worst part is she doesn't even discipline him to go in school AND HE IS STILL A 2ND PRE-KINDER TURNING 1ST GRADE.

  11. Conabi needs to be spayed, she wants nothing to do with her kittens. after Cole is done nursing she also needs to be spayed. Way to many kittens, definitely the pet population needs to be controlled.

  12. Ok so she is the kind of mother who doesn't care about her child and goes to the pub instead of feeding them and taking care of them

  13. Reminds me of a cat that snuck into our garage and had kittens and then never came back. Later we saw her around so it wasn't that she died or anything. Unfortunately none of the kittens survived, we tried but they had been without warmth for too long by the time we found them.

  14. Oh this mum cat is good one. Remenber me one of my cats when got kittens and the other little sister of her too and the other elder sister too and she was feeding all them like own. Wooow 😍😍😍😍😍big responsability. Daugther of the Granma cat is coldest hahahahahahaha, she is enjoying freedom and the poor grandma cat feeding the cats. I think boths needs be spayed bcs its Alot kittens too.

  15. I would send that creepy behavior cat far away, If I cant stand seen it in humans, I cant see it in animals," Selfishness, will not inherit the new world.

  16. Все,как у людей.мамы разные бывают.интересно у Конаби _ это наследственное кажется,синдром кукушки

  17. They should bring cats inside & separate litters again so daughter cat can't just leave, also they should get cats fixed or they'll have forty to fifty cats in five – six months when little ones will start to reproduce

  18. I know some peoples who behavior same as Canobi. They only know whoring around and when get pregnant, they leave their baby to their parents. And goes back whoring again

  19. とても可愛い😍大好き😘ありがとうございました😊🌸🌹💕💕😊👍🙏

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