Good morning! Today we are reviewing and giving
a mini tutorial on the glitter and glow liquid eyeshadow from Stila in Kitten Karma. Stila
is of course a cruelty free brand um this shade is a very beautiful rose gold with silver
glitter inside. It’s not picking up on the camera too well, but the silver is quite dominant,
so it’s kind of like a rose gold um surface with a lot of silver glitter inside. On
this was twenty-four US dollars for zero point one five ounces. On… I got this at
and it was twenty-seven Euros for four point five milliters so I find this to be very,
very expensive. I do think it’s very beautiful and it does work well on the eye and even
on your lips and maybe even on your… um what do you call it? Cheekbones but it’s very
expensive for a basically a liquid eyeshadow. But of course you don’t have the hassle with
glitter glue putting glitter on top so it is a very um easy way to apply something glittery.
I do also feel like it has a higher staying power than normal glitter would do. So what
is this? Sephora say it’s a brilliant and long wearing liquid glitter eyeshadow oh wow
intonation there, eyeshadow. Not a question. So what does it do. It says that it’s the
perfect blend of pearl and glitter and that it glides on effortlessly um it dries down
smoothly and it.. you have a maximum sparkle with minimum fallout. I can attest to that,
that of course the application is so much easier and you have no fallout virtually um
and when you use of course a glitter glue with glitter and a brush you do tend to have
quite a bit of fallout. This product has no parabens, no sulfates and no phthalates ates…
phthalates. I googled that how to say that and I still think I’m saying it wrong, but
I tired. I am currently wearing on my face the MAC studio fix fluid in NW13. I am trying
out the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal so that’s why I’m already highlighted
and I kind of have a glowy look and I did set my face with the Lavera translucent powder.
I’m gonna do a a very natural brow with this so I’m just gonna use the Gimme Brow from
Benefit in Medium/Deep. This is super super old um but for some reason it just will not
finish. It still smells fine so I still use it um so don’t judge me ok?! I cannot throw
everything away just because the expiration date has been reached, I am not that rich.
A great dupe for this is um the Essence Make Me Brow, it costs like a Euro or two and it
pretty much does exactly the same thing so that is what I’m gonna replace this with when
I run out of this one. Wait you cant even see what I’m doing! Let me zoom you in. Better?
Better. So as I have pretty good eyebrows naturally I have quite a few hairs, I mean
they’re white so I have to dye them but I do have quite a bit of hair so this is definitely
enough for me on a day where I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing my eyebrows and
having like instagram eyebrows, just kind of a natural look. Here I have the Claudia
Schiffer Artdeco collaboration contouring powder um I like to use this as a bronzer.
I’m using this Zoeva one o one luxe face definer and I’m doing basically kind of like a contour
that I am blending up a little bit, so I’m just doing a very, very light color. Also
doing a little bit of this on my forehead and on my nose. Also underneath my chin here
a little bit just to kind of try and hide that double chin a little more. Now I’m gonna
take the NARS blush in Orgasm and here I have the one two seven luxe sheer cheek from Zoeva
and I’m just gonna give myself a little bit of a flush, nothing major, since I’m already
kind of glowy and I am wearing glitter as well. I’m gonna line my lips with the MAC
lip pencil in Soar. It is kind of like a lip color but with very pinkish undertones and now I’m taking this Essence Ultra Last
instant color in zero eight lipstick sorry about that bang which is a dupe for the MAC
Please Me in my opinion. And in the center of my lips I’m putting a little little bit
just a tiny bit of this Ample Pink MAC Lipglass I believe it is, plushglass. This is what
it looks like and now onto the eyes. What we’ve all been
waiting for. I’m gonna start with highlighting my brow bone a little bit with MAC’s Shroom,
just placing this underneath my eyebrow, just to intensify that highlight that I already
have because of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter. Now I’m taking this two two three
petite eye blender from Zoeva in the color Omega from MAC and I’m just gonna contour
my eye a little bit with this. I’m going above the crease
and I’m drawing a line above the crease. Now I’m gonna take a blending brush the two two
seven luxe soft definer from Zoeva and I’m just gonna blend this out a little bit. Ok
so the way it wants me to use this is um by applying a little bit on the lash line also
in the center of the lid and then I can use my finger or or a firm brush tapping out the
edges to blend them out. You can either wear this alone or wear this with eyeshadow underneath.
I’m gonna wear it alone there because I want you to see the true color of the eyeshadow.
I’m also gonna do it a little bit differently though, I am gonna blend it further up than
just my lash line because otherwise you won’t be able to see that I’m wearing any when my
eyes are open. So I’m taking this Stila and I’m putting this all over my movable lid here.
I’m gonna do one layer first and now I’m using that same shader brush I
used for the um highlight, the two three nine from MAC and I’m blending out the edges. As
you can tell it’s really easy to blend out. I love how on the camera it actually looks
wet. That’s very beautiful. Ok now that I’ve blended it out like that I’m gonna go in with
another layer, where did I put it? Here. I’m gonna go in with another layer but this time
I’m not gonna put it as far up. Uh why is this so expensive it’s so beautiful. As you
can tell it is super easy to apply there is no fallout whatsoever um you do have to watch
out like here I went a little bit too far down but it does dry down quite quickly, well
it’s not dry quite yet so if you have a problem with creasing maybe look down for a while
until it is dry but it’s just it’s such a beautiful color I really really love it. And
that’s actually all I’m gonna do to the eyes because I feel like the eyeshadow speaks for
itself I’m gonna put some black mascara on, this is the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara
and that’s it! Here you see what it looks like when it’s not so close up um it does
make a huge difference um I’m in love with this makeup I have to tell you. I mean this
is I probably won’t go like just um to the supermarket like this but this is definitely
something like if I go on a date uh with my boyfriend or I don’t know, you know what I
mean, like just something more special. Ok so I’ve been wearing this makeup and this
eyeshadow for about six hours and let me zoom you in a little bit on my eyes um I’m not
sure you can see that but I do have a lot of um glitter now um well not a lot but quite
a bit underneath my eye here um even going down as far, maybe if I do this, no you can’t
really see that, hmm that’s a shame, you’re just gonna have to trust me um I do have glitter
pretty much, maybe if I go closer? Pretty much everywhere it’s not terrible though,
like it’s not worth… worse um than wearing glitter with a glitter glue in my opinion
unless I haven’t used the glitter glue um unless I don’t want you to see to much ah
I got stuff in my background. I am a human being ok? Um, so what was I gonna say? Yeah,
this is it’s not terrible fallout like of course it’s gonna transfer a little bit. The
color stayed up really well it is still very intense on my eyelid um it’s still very, very
beautiful so I definitely approve of this product. I think it is too expensive honestly
but if you want to save yourself the hassle of using glitter glue and of mixing in an
eyeshadow and if you like really like one of the colors go ahead and splurge on this
but it, price point too high really. I’m just really, really lazy so for me this is like
a product I’d use even though it’s expensive. I don’t feel like I really need to recap anything
here. Um I think it’s beautiful, it is easy to apply um it does have fallout after a while
but nothing too too major and it’s too expensive. I hope that you liked this review, if you
did you can always um subscribe right here, you can leave me a thumbs up you can also
hit that notification bell I make new videos every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
and I really hope I’ll see you next time, bye bye!

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  1. You look amazing! I love how glowy everything looked on you when the makeup was first done. Glitter shedding always annoys me. This would be great for an event or outing/date night that was only 2 – 4 hours long.

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