Someone coloured in two helpless kittens with permanent marker

Someone coloured in two helpless kittens with permanent marker

Two adorable kittens coloured in with Sharpie
pens have been rescued by kind-hearted volunteers. The terrified four-week old males, called
Shrek and Smurf, were daubed with green and blue permanent markers in what animal centre
volunteers have branded ‘a horrendous act of cruelty’.
They were found at a Bradford address by a police officer who contacted Bradford Cat
Watch Rescue Kittens reporting a pair of blue kittens. Care co-ordinator of Bradford Cat Watch Rescue
Kittens, Katie Lloyd, assumed they were asphyxiated and packed an emergency kit containing a life-saving
nebuliser. But it was only when she arrived at the scene
she realised what had happened. Katie, 37, said: ‘I think it’s awful. We’ve
dealt with some horrendous cruelty over the years but this is barbaric. ‘It’s not paint or spray, we reckon it’s been
done with Sharpie pens. ‘Why would you sit and colour a cat in? Both
Smurf and Shrek were meticulously coloured in. Smurf had a tiny white tip on the tail
and even that’s been coloured in with blue.’ ‘I’ve even got it on my skin and having a
real job getting it off – I’m turning into a smurf myself’
Smurf and Shrek have needed round-the-clock care including fluid injections, bottle feeding
and regular washing and now face a trip to the vets to assess the long-term effects of
the abuse. Katie, who has run the rescue centre for ten
years, explained that they were in reasonable health despite the trauma they’d been through.
She said: ‘They’re not doing too badly considering. ‘Smurf had breathing difficulties at 3am today
but seems to be ok now. There’s no guarantee on their outcome but we will do our absolute
best.’ Katie is hopeful that the pair will be fit
for rehoming in 6-8 weeks.

29 thoughts on “Someone coloured in two helpless kittens with permanent marker

  1. stupid, cruel thing to do! if they are kept inside and warm, perhaps they could be shaved down, bit by bit to allow their fur to grow back. what a horrid thing to do to a kitten, hope charges were put on the people who did that!

  2. People are reporting this story and failing to mention that the reason they were colored in is because they planned on throwing them to savage dogs as sport. The animal abuse was not simply painting kittens. These poor little things were very lucky to be rescued form a terrible fate.

  3. someone should take some meat & rub it on the people & attach the meat to the people & paint them different colors that did this to these poor kittens so that someone could bet on them & let them know how it feels

  4. Ah glad it came off otherwise would have thought shaving and letting it regrow might be an option?

    Do people bet on which one lasts longest, is that how it works. Disgusting.

  5. I love smurf and shrek they are so cute!! I wanna give them little kisses and hugs, I would adopt them, blue or green they are beautiful!!

  6. How is this abuse? Its a marker. My friends would draw on my face every time I was passed out and drunk. Its mean but its not abuse… Maybe I should get my friends thrown in jail for their disgusting act of touching my face with a colored piece of felt….

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