Small Fry, Emaciated Kitten – 1 Week Update!

Small Fry, Emaciated Kitten – 1 Week Update!

So if you follow my channel, you know that a week ago [I] rescued a kitten named small fry and her family small fry is a three week Old kitten who weighed about what a one week old kitten should weigh Completely emaciated and dehydrated we were very concerned that this kitten was on her way [to] dying I showed you her rescue video. So now I want to show you guys all of the tremendous progress She has made in just one week as You can see from these photos. She came to me very dehydrated and underweight weighing in at only 170 Grams at 3 weeks old [she] [had] severe respiratory problems that were preventing her from being able to nurse so she wasn’t consuming anything at all the morning after her rescue I took her and her whole family to the vet Neonatal kittens bodies are fragile and complex so it’s important that you find a veterinarian that’s comfortable with pediatric health small fries veterinarian performed blood tests x-Rays And other physical exams to determine what was going on and what the best treatment path would be for her The Prognosis was not good with all of these cards stacked against her. We knew it would be [a] difficult recovery for small-fry One issue that the X-Ray showed Is that instead of being full of food she was actually full of air a sign that she was in pain from Gasping because of her respiratory issues because of these challenges with consuming food The vet decided the best thing for her would be to Tube feed Tube feeding is an advanced skill And it is not one that I will be teaching over video I recommend that if you’re caring for very sick kittens you learn this in person from a vet seeing a vet is also important because they can prescribe very small amounts of Antibiotics, and other medications that your kitten will need some medications might be administered on site for instance small fry was given injections of iron and B12 But then we were also given one pain medication and two antibiotics to bring home Antibiotics are such an important part of helping kittens with respiratory issues recover So please make sure you’re seeing a vet who understands that you can medicate young kittens in very small doses Another important thing is to keep the Airway clean So if a kitten has a crusty, nose you want to use a warm towel to keep that area nice and clean I Also continued subcutaneous fluids on her twice a day to keep her body hydrated Between all of the medications the supplements the nursing care and the Tube feeding she actually started to feel a little bit better Four days into this care, I noticed something incredible she was starting to try to nurse This was an absolute gamechanger it meant that she was feeling well enough to breathe well enough to want to eat She would be able to get all of those great nutrients from her mother’s Milk. I Continued with supplemental feeding and fluids until it became clear that she was able to get all of her nutrients from her mother Seven days later she’s almost unrecognizable she has nearly doubled in weight she’s feeling fantastic and as one person said she’s not really a small Fry anymore now. She’s more of a baked potato She’s not fully recovered yet, and she still has a road ahead of her, but this is such an awesome testament to what is possible when we just try When we just try to protect those who [are] the most vulnerable and we don’t give up on them Just because they’re small or just because they’re sick small fry and others like her are worth it, okay What do you think? You’re doing a good job growing big and strong hard to believe this kitten was completely emaciated one week ago [a] Week ago, she was only a hundred and seventy grams Now she is 305 Grams In one week small fry has doubled her weight You grew a whole other kitten Look at you. Good job small fry I’m doing so good

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  1. My town doesn’t offer TNR I have so many community cats that I feed. I don’t want them to be put down in animal control Hope I can help them.

  2. Saved a little 7 week old kitten from 2 foxes that were trying to get her. She was either abandoned or mom died. (I think mom died) she has gooey eyes real bad and probably a respiratory infection. She should be old enough to eat wet food but, she shows no intrest in it even starving. I've been bottle feeding her but, she doesn't latch onto the nipple. She kind of just licks the formula that's dripping out of the nipple hole. Shes very skinny and dehydrated but, 2 days later and shes starting to run around the room a little bit. I'm trying so hard and I'm still worried about her( can't tell if it's a boy or girl yet)

  3. I'm curious about the collapsed lung shown on the diagnosis. Was that caused by the respiratory infection? I'm also curious if it healed up as a result of the treatments to her respiratory infection? Or were other other things needed in order to 'fix' that problem. As a side note – Great work! Your knowledge and dedication is beyond awesome.

  4. I truly love watching your channel; not only is it highly educational but it can also be as funny as heck and at other times very sad when a kitten needs help crossing over because Shem (meaning him or her) is to far gone to nurse back to health,but I’m grateful that none of the kittens had to suffer any longer! You truly are an Angel and found your calling few folks find their calling sure happy that you found yours 😻 In regards to Shem it’s pronounced shh~em a made up word 😹 when we don’t know the sex of a fur baby

  5. Lol dibs on baked potato as a cat name! I wish this wasn't a two year old video….gosh i want another kitty baby

  6. If I learn to tube feed a kitten I will really teach people how to do it on video for a safe experience for everyone so they don’t need to learn from a vet

  7. You totally saved a tiny helpless life. ❤💙💚💛💜😻 Bless you, kind Kitten Lady. Love and hugs from New Jersey.

  8. Wait, she had a collapsed lung? Oh that's so scary. I had a kitten die during emergency surgery to reinflate his lung. It was heartbreaking, but I will never regret the downpayment to try and save him.

  9. I've seen this one before, am rewatching and still teared up when she shows how fat she got. In the best way. So sweet and when she starts nursing 😍

  10. Kitten lady: feeds her medicine
    Kitten: walks back
    Kitten lady: feeds her medicine
    Kitten: walks back
    Kitten lady: feeds her even more medicine
    Kitten: walks back
    Kitten lady: gives more medicine
    Kitten: if yak keep feeding me medicine Hun, ima walk right off this table!!!!

  11. Small fry: suckling
    Other kittens: trying to suckle
    Kitten lady: go small fry, pulls siblings away
    Other siblings: if y'all don't stop pushin me away, Imal bite ya

  12. What a cool little cat. Reminds me of my Leia, that I left with friends back in Portugal. When I got her she was blind, skinny and terrified of any noise. I got some great help from a vet friend and now she's a 7 year old amazing cat. I'm trying to find an apartment that allows for pets to bring her back into my life. Or, if by that time, she has developed a friendship with my friend's own cat, I'll leave her be. Her happiness is more important than mine and by now, after 5 months, she has probably forgotten me. It was a shock for her when I suddenly left her with my friends, it would not be ok to do it again just for my sake.

  13. Crying with happiness.
    Thank you, KL — Ms. Hannah Shaw, whom, I believe, should win every award given to the amazing people making this world a better place through kindness and compassion towards animals.

  14. Mwrowrprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrprrrrrrrrrrrrrrprrrrrrrrrrrrrrprrrrrrrrrrrr
    Heaven is a lapful of sweet little purrjng kittens.

  15. Hanna, Thank you for the work you do. You would an excellent Mom Too! I have 2x indoor Cats 2x out door ( Catch & Release)

  16. Tears of sadness in the beginning, tears of joy at the end. Stay strong Small Fry. We're rooting for you you precious little furry friend. We love you. 💜❌⭕ God Bless you, your siblings, & your Mama too. GINORMOUS HUGS to the people involved in caring for animals in need. Everyone, all over our planet. Keep up the good works. Every life counts. God Bless you also. XXXXXXXX

  17. I had an emanciated kitten. She was 5-6 weeks old but weighted 300 grams and had calicivirus. I had to give her antibiotics and a vitamin supplement. Thankfully she only had an small wound in her tongue and a slight fever but didn't got worse. She's still a bit small (4 kg, but still looks like a kitteb, in fact her name is Petit!) but is a very healthy and happy 1 yo. Your videos helped me a lot! Thank you!

  18. What you are doing.. Your contribution to everyones consience about kittens is unimagible. You restore my faith in humanity. Wish all good things to you girl

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