Search for the LION KING!

Search for the LION KING!

(dramatic music) – [Coyote] This was an
unprecedented level of danger, which meant everything
had to go right, because if it didn’t,
that meant everything had gone horribly wrong. (roaring) (intense music) Sharp rays of sunlight
crept up from the horizon, casting a golden radiance
across the savanna. Morning has arrived
in South Africa, and with it, the
beginning of a journey that was soon to become
one of the greatest animal encounters
I have ever had. Today we are venturing out
into the world-renowned Kariega Game Reserve. This wild place spans
over 10000 hectares, and the landscape is a splendor unlike anything
you have ever seen. Endless rolling grasslands, the perfect habitat
to safely house, and keep hidden,
one of our planet’s most iconic predators,
the African lion. (roaring) – [Cameraman] All right, Coyote, about ready to hop in the Jeep? – Yeah, well, the plan today is to track down
a pride of lions, but trust me, it’s much
easier said than done. We’ve got a lot of
ground to cover. You guys ready to
track down the pride? – [Cameraman] Let’s
find those big cats! – Here we go! Tracking lions on
foot could take days, if not weeks, so the
crew and I teamed up with a secondary team,
composed of field veterinarians that had been deployed
through support of the Reserve
Protection Agency. Led by Dr. Waldo Dreyer,
their collective goal from a scientific perspective was to safely tranquilize one
of the larger resident males in an attempt to
collect biometric data. This important research
would help ensure the health and wellbeing of the pride. So, with the plan in
place, we parted ways and headed toward opposite
ends of the reserve to begin our search
for the pride. Feel like luck is
on our side today. A lot of ground to explore,
but we’ve got two teams out, and just a matter of
tracking down the pride. Since 2004, Kariega
has been home to a very healthy
population of lions, yet finding and
getting these big cats in front of the cameras
would be no easy feat, as they are
constantly on the move and in search of
their next meal. Got an ostrich way off
in the distance there. So much open space. And with that open
space, the pride could wander out of any one of
these clumps of bushes. Really gonna be tough
to find these cats. Got some zebras over here. That looks like good prey. As a lion, zebra steak
would sound pretty good. Wait, what’s this? Oh, I got something cool! Follow me! Look at this! That is a perfect
wildebeest skull, and if ever I have seen
evidence of a lion kill, this would be it. Look at that! Right at the back of the neck, where the head connects
to the neck right there is all snapped off. Wow, well, this is obviously
ancient at this point. No skin or flesh on it, but yep, likely fell victim to a lion. All right guys,
let’s keep searching. Here, come on down,
check this out. You know what that is? – [Cameraman] Bones. – Bones, skin, fur. That’s a zebra’s
leg right there, and zebras’ legs don’t
just fall off on their own. That is absolute crystal-clear
evidence of a lion kill. It’s old though,
this is not fresh, so we do know that the
pride has been through here, but not recently. All right, well,
this is, like I said, gonna be tough to find
this pride of lions. Stronger evidence of the
pride, and their whereabouts, was necessary if we hoped
to have an encounter, so we loaded back
into the land cruiser and continued our search deeper into the interior
of the reserve. Finding tracks is the
most reliable sign of one’s quest for
locating an animal, and you are always
guaranteed to find the freshest tracks near water. Check this out, guys. Completely fresh lion
track right there. Like most cats, they try
to avoid walking in water, and the cat definitely moved
up the side of the road here. That means we are hot
on the pride’s trail. – [Cameraman] So
Jo, what’d you hear? – There’s literally lions
on top of this hill. – [Cameraman] So the other
team’s got eyes on the lions? – Yeah, and they’re
on a kill, so yeah. – [Cameraman] Coyote, Coyote! The other team’s got
the lions over the hill. – [Coyote] What? – [Cameraman] Yeah, the
lions are just over the hill and they’re on a kill too. – On a kill? No way! Okay, yeah, climb
up, in the Jeep! Aw, man, this is gonna be crazy! They’re on a kill? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – All right guys,
well, I’m out there picking up pieces of old kills, and apparently the
lions have a kill, the other team has spotted them. We’re gonna make our
way over there now. Here comes a lion episode. Awesome! With lions located
on a fresh kill, we quickly moved
across the reserve to meet up with the vet team. Dr. Waldo joined our vehicle, which would give us a clear view of the tranquilization process. So, with the darts locked
and loaded, it was go time. – This is exciting,
I’ve never seen a lion in the wild before. I know you guys are amped. Oh man, this is gonna
be one epic day. Tranquilizing a lion is
considered a routine checkup. Once asleep, the biometric
data would be collected, and then a reversal serum
will be administered for the animal to wake up. Okay, they just
radioed from up ahead. The lions are just up over the
top of this next hill here. We have found them. All right guys, we are rolling
up on the lions right now. I can actually see one of
the big males right here off the side of the vehicle. Wow! So impressive! Trying to be really
quite right now. We don’t wanna startle them. Believe it or not, we don’t
wanna scare the lions. I’m the one that should
be scared right now. Oh, there it is, there it is (roaring) As our land cruiser
approached through the flowing savanna grasses,
my heart began to race at an incredible speed. This was an unprecedented
level of danger, which meant everything
had to go right, because if it didn’t,
that meant everything had gone horribly wrong. (dramatic music) Never before had I seen a
pride of lions in the wild, and as they came into view,
their primal strength and beauty was a wonder to behold. In total, four lions
have been spotted on the fallen carcass. Our primary target was the male, but our team decided
that they also wanted to check the health
of the females, so if the opportunity
presented itself, they would be darted as well. And in that split second that
seemed to slow down in time, we all clung to the
edge of our seats with focused anticipation. (roaring) Stay tuned for the
breathtaking conclusion, as we attempt to get
the cameras up close with one of the
planet’s top carnivores. And don’t forget, subscribe so
you can join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail!

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  1. Anyone else worried during the teaser that they were going to shoot the lion with a real bullet?

    Also I want a Netflix show of brave wilderness

  2. As you didn't know, or did know,
    The Lion King would mate all of his females in the pride.
    I don't know if that's true or not, but i'll search it up on google soon!

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    'The golden lion tamarin'
    If you dont know what they are the search them up and also they are my favorite animals ever!

  5. I love coyotes reaction to finding a animal. doesn't even matter what animal it is he reminds me of Steve Erwin. excited for adventure and possibly death.

  6. Hey I know this game reserve really well I go there almost every 3 months, and it’s funny how many lies this guy can tell
    Just one example he made it seem like it would takes weeks to track the lions but the lions are chipped and also on game drives the rangers usually find them within an hour
    And he said that they are constantly on the move, they sleep for most of the day and are not really that active

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    Dr waldo dryer shoots at the cubs
    Lion cubs:xp
    Lion king:meh hes just giving them little plastic things
    Dr waldo dryer shoots lion king
    Lion king:xp
    Lion queen:meh hes just sleeping
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  12. β€œ…everything had to go right, because if it didn’t that meant everything had gone horribly wrong” – I’m Perd Hapley and this is Breaking Trail

  13. I'm not a hater but… DON'T KILL THE LIONS!!!!😑😑😑😑 THERE ARE VERY FEWER LEFT IN THE WORLD!!!!😑😑😑 me at home right now! 😫😫😫😨😩😨😩😒

  14. Its pretty simple to find the lion king. Go on your favorite movie "pirating" streaming program or device. Search The lion King. Click on the movie with the best seed/leacher ratio and watch it. Done. Solved.

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