SDGs Goal 4 Quality Education for All in Indonesia! “Hello Kitty’s promotion of the SDGs Vol.4”

SDGs Goal 4 Quality Education for All in Indonesia! “Hello Kitty’s promotion of the SDGs  Vol.4”

Hello! Indonesia! Today, I’m in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia! It looks cloudy but it’s actually 34℃ right now… It’s super HOT! This is Jakarta’s main street, full of tall buildings and cars! We’re near by the park of with a monument celebrating Indonesia’s independence. Hello! Hi! This area is buzzing with tourists! Oops, I got distracted, but I need to head to the junior high school I’m supposed to be at! I’ve left Jakarta, and now I’m in Bogor. Is this a marketplace? It’s a different kind of lively compared to Jakarta. Ooh! What’s that? That’s a TON of chili peppers! Imagine eating all of that… phew. Ok! Let’s head to the junior high school! Hello! Oh, how cute! Look at her! Who is she? It’s me! Hello Kitty! That looks like a school! Is this the junior high school I’m supposed to be at? Excuse me, I’m Hello Kitty from Japan! Hi! Hi! Is this a junior high school? Oh, Kitty! So happy to meet you! Sorry but this is not a junior high school it’s a kindergarten. Oh my goodness! It looks like I came to the wrong place. Is that so? But don’t worry! All of us here love you! They’d be really happy to see you! Oh! I’d love to meet everyone too! Let’s go to see the kids! Wow! Yay! Come on kids! Kitty came here to see you! Let’s play with Kitty! Thank you Kitty! We are so happy to see you! Yes, I’m really happy I met all of you too! Ah, but I need to head to the junior high school now! The junior high school is near here. That’s great! Thank you! Thank you too! Bye Kitty! Bye! I’ve got to go to the junior high school! Hello! Hi~. Hello! I’ve finally made it! Oh, the teacher is waiting for me! Hello! Hi! Thank you for coming from far away! Hi! I’m sorry I’m late! The SDGs class is about to start! Please come with me! Wow! I wonder what this class is gonna be like! I’m so excited! Everyone, Kitty came here for you all! Please take the class with the students. So, I’m going to join you in class today! They’ve been teaching SDGs Classes here for a while now. How many SDGs goals are there? 17! First, let’s play the “SDGs charades”! Try and guess which of the 17 themes they’re acting out! Hmm… Which one is it? What are they squeezing? Ah~. What number SDG is it? 7! Is SDG number 7, right? Yes! Applause! Oh, they were being the sun! What’s next? Hmm? Are you playing the trumpet? Which number? 6! Is number 6, right? Correct Oh, they were drinking water! It’s amazing that everyone remembers the SDGs goals so well! Next, the students are divided into groups to brainstorm solutions to SDG issues that each group has observed in their communities. Everyone’s working really hard. The presentations are starting now! We are going to introduce “Gendet Equality”. One day, a daughter and a mother were fighting with each other. “Mum, I want to go to college…” “What do you want to do after going on to college? It’s a waste. Look at our economic situation. You should get married.” However, as the daughter was an excellent student and performed well at school, a teacher and a donor visited them. “We will give a scholarship for your daughter to go on to college.” “Really!?” The daughter was really happy to hear about the scholarship. Let’s stop early marriage! Every woman has the right to succeed and the right to go to school. Wow! That was a wonderful presentation! We would like to introduce “red spinach”. This group is going to give a presentation on “Ending poverty”! This village has a spinach farm. But farmers are not interested in selling the product “creatively”. Therefore, spinach is sold as it is at a low price. But if they make chips from the spinach, they can increase its value. Amazing! They were able to think of a creative solution to “poverty.” Where do you want to sell these chips? At places where many tourists visit. It’s good to sell them at tourist spots. You can send information about products on Instagram which introduces the region. It looks like they also made a song! Show your creativity ♪ End poverty ♪ Start up your business ♪ With fine spinach chips ♪ What a fun presentation! Some other presentations included… Let’s pay school fees with garbage. This group was assigned “Quality Education for Everyone”. They proposed that trash on the streets could be picked up and processed into toys
and folk crafts that can then be sold to raise money for tuition. This group was assigned ‘health.’. Their idea was to make a song that promotes the importance of proper hand-washing All of the presentations were so amazing! Let’s wash our hands ♪ To make sure the bacteria disappear ♪ Clean hands properly ♪ Each identified problems and solutions were related to everyday things! I think they’re pointing us in the right direction to achieve the SDGs! Hi there! After learning about SDGs, which GOAL resonated with you most? The most important issue for me is the issue of poverty. Because there are lots of people who have no place to live, who do not have a job, and who live almost on the poverty line. Mhm, mhm. And, what do you think is necessary to achieve the SDGs? Expand employment opportunities, improve support from the government, keep the city clean… Yeah, there’s still a lot of things we could be doing. Terima kasih! Hello! Do you have a moment? How was the SDGs class for you? It was fun. I learned a lot of useful things and now have a better understanding. I totally agree! So, which goal were you most interested in? Goal 3 “health”. If you stay healthy, you can go on to school, get a good job and earn money. I see! Finally, what do you think you can do to help achieve the SDGs? It’s important to live a healthy life, to get enough nutrition and not to smoke. What’s going on? A power outage?! That surprised me! But, you know, things happen! Let’s take a little break until the lights come back on! Thank you for sharing your class with me today! It was very informative! It made me hopeful that by thinking about the SDGs together, we can come together as the world to find solutions to the SDGs! So, everyone, I’d like us to sing a song together! OK. Now let’s start a music class! Hello! Hello Kitty supports the SDGs! What I’d like to achieve by the year 2030 For all people to have a quality education If we can all learn, inequality and poverty And all SDGs can be tackled By “creating a learning environment” under SDG number 4 Let’s all learn together Hello Global Goals! Hello! Hello Kitty supports the SDGs!

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  2. キティちゃんの英語力は、すごい‼️喋り方が、早口でなめらかです‼️それは、キティちゃんだから許せる‼️

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