Saving Munay, the Machu Picchu kitten

Saving Munay, the Machu Picchu kitten

He’s very hungry.. no,no,no,no,no,NO! ok? We’ll…take him. ok? Yeah? Ok. We’ll..figure it out. We’ll take him to Cusco. We’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out. Okay. Okay. {spanish} Okay. *meow* Alright. *meow* {spanish} {spanish} *meow* *meow* Okay. Oh my god! *laughs* *meow* What are we gonna do?! *meow* *laughs* *meow* Gonna save the baby! *meow* *sigh* Always! We’re like about to leave. *meow* It’s ok. *meow* {inaudible} *meow* We gotta *meow* figure it out. We just found a kitten! What? We found a kitten! Really? so… We want to help him. We can take him back to Cusco, but we fly tomorrow morning. Yeah, he’s eating, he’s really hungry. So I think we can sneak him on the train. You can? Yes but then, what do we do when we get to Cusco? I don’t know Andrew. I’m not leaving this kitten here to get squeezed by children. Can we find out what the process is to get a cat to the United States? You have to go to a vet. To take him to Lima we still would have to… Yeah. Maybe include-there are vets in Cusco. I don’t know. He’s so hungry! Oh, I love him. He’s really hungry! We’re trying to figure out- cause you can take an animal on a plane but you have to have {inaudible} We can take him to a vet… um… but we don’t know how this works *laughs*. He has fleas. Of course. Yeah, and.. He’s so hungry. He has not stopped eating. He has not stopped eating. So hungry, I’m so glad that we still have cat food The children were all squeezing him and passing him around and running down the street, holding his neck to pass him around Well I didn’t see that. Well I saw it, I started chasing after the child going “{spanish}”. I don’t speak very much No, no, that’s español. What blue eyes you have! Yeah! So beautiful! Let’s check you out. Let’s take a look at you. *meow* It’s a girl. Okay, {spanish}. Our flight… tomorrow is at noon. So we could get there by… 10:30? We could probably get to a vet before then. Look, I do look pregnant. It’s a beautiful baby. {whisper} I’m on a train. *meow* *music* *clapping* *bells* *laughs* Wow. This is bizarre. *laughs* This is… one of the weirdest rescues I’ve ever done. That was really weird. Yeah. *laughs* You’re right. We made it! She’s probably never been inside. Yeah. She probably doens’t know inside. It’s inside. *meow* That was a long trip! She did such a good job. Yeah, she’s good. You’re so smart. She’s savvy. Lil Machu Picchu kitten. *lauhs* Good job, baby, girl. Yeah, you’re a survivor! Good job! We gotta clean you up. We gotta clean up your dreadlocks. Okay, so we went to the store and the only cat food, that you can find in this area, is dry food. She needs… more moisture than that but what we’re gonna do is, mix it with some delicious tuna and oil and some water. All right, it worked! So now she’ll get at least a little bit of hydration and some nutrients, some calories, she’s definitely underweight and probably pretty dehydrated. Good job! You ate such a big snack! She loved that tuna. Yeah, it got her to drink a lot of water. *meow* It’s okay. *meow* *meow* Wash the neck first. *meow* *meow* Kill all the fleas. *meow* It’s okay baby, I know. She’s got so much *meow* flea dirt, but *meow* *meow* *meow* She is really di rty though. *meow* It’s okay *meow* It’s okay. Gotta wash *meow* those little paws. They’re grimy. *meow* Wow, she has a lot of fleas, but they’re all dead now. So we just got to pick them all off with tweezers. *meow* It’s okay. *meow* It’s okay Okay, baby. *meow* Here we go. Oh yes, isn’t that good? She’s like “I thought that you loved me”. I’ll save you from the bad woman. Oh come on! *laughs* Her face is dirty too. We’ll have to wash her face seperate. She’s gonna look so fluffy and nice! You’re gonna look so clean. We gotta make you look good for… for the airport. Gonna make you look nice and fancy. We are gonna have to cut some of her hair and we’re gonna have to give her a sponge bath on her head. mhm. She smells like dish soap. *laughs* Rub my belly. What do you think? Are you stuck? Oh! Big stretches! Give me this ticket. Pilot: We would like to ask flight attendens, to please prepare the cabin for arrival. *beep* We’re almost there! Almost! So, we’re about to land. We’re about to land! Flight attendant: We remind you to be careful when you’re opening these overhead bins, we certainly wouldn’t want your or anyone around you to be injured by items that may fall. We did it! It’s crazy! We got through customs. We got back to DC. That’s one of the craziest things i’ve ever done. {spanish} Welcome to Washington DC, little girl! She’s so beautiful. You’re the prettiest girl.

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