Rufus 2: Jace Norman Loves Kittens | Nick

Chase Norman is
back in the brand new Nickelodeon movie, Rufus 2. But there’s something you
may be surprised to learn– I’m actually more
of a cat person. I don’t know. Come here. Oh, come here. Don’t worry about it,
I do this all the time. What.
Show daddy some love. No– he loves me. He loves me. I don’t know why he’s acting
weird in front of the camera. Come here. Great. They’re my best friends. My only friends. Hi. Don’t know how to party. I’m sorry. Sorry buddy. Come on. Hey, whoa, hey. Don’t fight. What did I say about
fighting on my lap. You can do some work, all right. You know what,
Gerald, you’re out. You’re fired.
Get out of here. Go. Look at this. Where you going? Keep up the good
work, all right dude. Cool.

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