Rescued cat from the street; gave birth to 4 kittens.

The story of the tabby cat Kudret. Part 1: Our first meeting with Kudret. Come here How many months ago were you born? Aren’t you born 6 months ago? What time did you get pregnant? Can you tell me? What time did you fill your belly? Now should I take you home? Do you want to give birth at home? Do you want to? Come after me if you want. Come here If you come after me, I’ll take you home. Come on, come on. We are going home. I don’t want to touch her belly because she’s pregnant. Wouldn’t she want to come? Jennifer has her sister at home. Play games together. Get on the floor, let’s play with you. Get on the floor, let’s play with you. I want to play with you I’m not hurting your babies. I’m not hurting your babies. Let’s play I want to meet the handsome cat that got you pregnant. You can’t run from me. I’il take you home. You will give birth in our little room. Part 2: Kittens were born. Hello friends. We met this mother cat on the street last week. She was a pregnant cat. We invited her to our house. She gave birth to four healthy kittens. All of them are in good health. itself is also very healthy. Until we brought it home, we had a hard time. After this day, we will live in the same house with our 5 friends. This kitten is a little too moving. He escaped three times. You see, he’s trying to escape again. Chapter 3: There was a milk fight between the brothers. The milk fight between the brothers began. They fight very violently. We can’t split the fight because we can’t touch our hands. Which kitten will drink milk? We will see who will win. The kitten on the left won the milk. You can both drink separately. The mother cat is so tired because she has just given birth. Part 4: Kittens are 3 days old. As you can see the kittens are 3 days old and very healthy. Because mother cat is very good mother to kittens. In fact, our daughter is very young. Before he grew up, he began to raise kittens. how sweet these kittens are. How did you do that? Come here. Kittens are seeking breast. They want to drink milk. Look friends. How cute kittens are. Come here. Kittens are seeking breast. They want to drink milk. Milk wars started again. My daughter is very scared. But why is she afraid? She is afraid that harm will come to kittens. Look, they’re fighting again. Or is it not a fight. these events, your eyes closed? How did you get ecstatic when Cansu came? Kitten drinking milk of milk, slept. He slept with the breast in his mouth. He fell asleep drinking milk. Mother cat is gone. Kittens are still looking for breasts. We follow the rules. We never touch kittens in any way. Let them grow up. I can hardly keep myself from touching the kittens. But when they grow up, I’m gonna bite them all over. Mother cat is eating. Preparing first-class milk, for kittens. Your mother will come now and sit on you. You smell each other? All the videos show three kittens. The 4th kitten is very healthy. 4. kitten has no problems, friends. He’s just sleeping. just sleeping. Only wakes up at times of milk drink. Then she’s asleep again. The mother is taking the breast to her mouth. She’s a sleepy kitten. This is the most naughty kitten. How many times has he escaped. How many times has he escaped. He runs away and then comes on his own. Mother cat is not helping. Mom doesn’t care about the cat. Does not count at all if there is missing. Look, he’s going to attack again. Would you go to the kittens. Why do you leave them alone? Smell and smell. They are yours. Get on them. You had to go to the bathroom and eat. It’s time for milk. Yeah. milk came. The milkman came. We see 4 heads at the moment. Why are you filming? You’ve never seen a woman breastfeeding? She looked like she said. She needs to know how much we care about her. For the healthy growth of kittens, who are we separated from? My own daughter Jennifer But we missed Jennifer very much. That’s why we want her back. I wonder what she’s gonna do when she sees Jennifer, the mother cat, attacking everything. Which one of you sneezed? Have a healthy life. We always do massage to Kudret. And we reassure her. Because she gets tired. There’s a lump in there. I wonder why? Or you forgot one of my kittens inside. Didn’t you give them all? The kitten took the tits in her mouth and fell asleep. He sleeps and drinks milk. Chapter 5: Kittens are 1 week old. Hello friends. We continue to see cat landscapes from our house. We are now in the small room. We’il get some information about kittens from Kudret. How are the kittens doing? Did they drink their milk? Did you open your eyes? Did you open your eyes? Can you look at the movements? Will you look at me, Kudret? Why did you throw it this way? Or do you offend this kitten? No, you didn’t do anything. He’s the biggest kitten anyway. He drank too much milk. Sweet little cats. That’s the kitten that opened the first eye. He doesn’t see us yet. But he can feel us. Kittens are seeking breast. Does it hurt, girl? Motherhood is such a thing. If you do it that way, it’il hurt your mother. Drink your milk without attacking. The first cat is here. The second cat is here. third cat is sleeping. Even dreaming Shakes her feet in whatever she dreams. The fourth kitten sleeps here. They don’t have any problems. They’re healthy. My daughter Actually, I don’t want to bother you. They ask about you in comments. They’re asking if you left the cats on the street. Or are they still at home? For this reason I wanted to show you. Friends. I’m not leaving these kittens on the street. You asked in comments. This cat is the cat of our site. The site where we live is a reliable place for animals. Also, together with my wife, we built a cat house for kittens to live. In the first stage, when the kittens grow, they will find new nests. Kittens will try to find new nest. If we don’t find them, they can live on the site we live in a healthy way. We will make the necessary feed and the necessary protection. Don’t worry about cats. From time to time, I will show you the images. But they will be guests in our house for a longer time. Finally, let’s show this kitten. We never showed him today. When he grows up, he might get angry if he watches the videos. He might turn us off because we never showed him. So let’s show him. I have to go now. Take care of yourself. Wave your hand to friends. Chapter 6: Kittens are 2 weeks old. My daughter. What have you been doing? How are you doing? Can you come? You’re up again. You want to eat soup? Cansu’s in the kitchen now. She’s making chicken soup for you. I want to look at kittens. Look at the kittens. They’re huge. They’re not kittens anymore. They’re big brother and sister. Can you look at the movements of these? When did you guys get this big? I looked at you in the morning. You weren’t that big. Your eyes are opened. Your mother took good care of you. Come here. I didn’t do anything to kittens. I’m gonna get you some soup. I’ve got Jennifer’s smell right now. She felt the smell. And stress did. Where are you running? You’re all moving because you heard me say soup. My love. They’re waiting for soup. They want soup. Waiting at the door, very excited to eat soup. You have to open the door slowly. Because the cat is right behind the door. And the soup came. Let’s put it here. Will she like soup? She didn’t like the soup. I wish we had another soup 🙂 How’s the soup, girl? Did you like it? Your dad liked it. I liked it very much. We didn’t put spices in it. We put plenty of meat in it. They don’t put that much meat in the soup you eat in the restaurant. What are you doing? Is there a fight for a soup? They want to drink. But the soup is not for you. But the soup is not for you. Your mother drinks the soup. Then she will bring you milk. Look how big they are. They’re very healthy. They will soon be fatter than their mother. I told you, love. I said let’s make the soup a little too much. I said this is not enough. She licks the bowl. I wish we hadn’t bought a dishwasher. After that, you will clean all the dirty dishes. Licking them. I congratulate you. You cleaned it better than our dishwasher. Kittens are eagerly waiting for you. Kittens talking between them. My mother is preparing very good quality milk. Your mother ate chicken soup. Wait, she’s coming. The fourth cat had not yet opened his eyes. He opened his eyes today. I want to caress the kittens. Will you let me? Can I caress the kitten? You ate soup and you’re leaving. See the types of these. Looks out of the balcony Look, he bit it right now. The oldest started drinking milk. When he sees milk, he starts drinking immediately. That’s why he grew up so fast. Can you show us how you breastfeed? This kitten needs to drink milk. Because he’s the weakest. But that kitten never stops drinking milk. He drinks milk even at night. Kitten looking at breast. Does your mother rule you out? Does your mother rule you out? What a sweet cat are you? Say hello to friends. Hello. Hello. What are you guys doing here? Hello. Hello. I want to show you. Maybe there will be likes. Maybe they want to take you. Make some cute moves. I want to show you. I think it’s someone who wants to take you. Just yell.Just yell. You’re a very grumpy cat. I wish you would yell at your brothers like you could yell at me. Then you wouldn’t be weak. Look at that. What a good cat. That’s what you call a cat. They take this cat. They’il never take you. Chapter 7: Kittens, playtime in the garden I want to caress your belly. I tickle you. How sweet you are. Look at his movements. Are you biting me? No, he’s licking. That’s how he thanks me. But if you’re so naughty, I can’t find you a new home. Nobody wants that naughty cat. Come on, Benek. Why are you staying away from us? What are you doing? Why are you shaking your ass? Müezza, what are you doing? When we were home, you were in love with me, girl. You should join the Survivor program. You’il win. There’s something that strikes me. Where’s your mother? Where is Kudret? Call me Kudret. Kudret left you alone. I’m gonna be mad at her. I’m in love with you. Don’t fight. Don’t fight. I love you all. Müezza, your nails are sinking. I’il cut your nails. Will you come with us, please? Benek. Come to me now. Come to me You guys are naughty cats. You guys are naughty cats. What have you done with my legs? I want to introduce you. This friend’s name is Miracle(Mucize) Because he lived miraculously, we named him Miracle(Mucize). He needed a miracle to live. Miracle(Mucize) that goes through very hard times. Miracle(Mucize) Now the healthiest and most naughty cat in them. This friend’s name is Delicate (Narin). Narin Narin Narin Narin. A very sensitive friend. When he ate less, he resented his brothers and broke. That’s why we call it (Narin) delicate. So the smallest cat among them is Delicate(Narin). Miracle. I introduced you. Can you get out of front of the camera? Mottled(Benek). Come, I’il introduce you. You understand why we call it Mottled. because it has a mottled nose. Müezza My wife named this cat Müezza. The prophet’s name was Müezza. My daughter I am going. Who wants to come with me? If you break that bag, I can’t work. And I can’t buy you food. Your mother’s not around. The bag is going. Leave my bag. What do you want from my bag? Why were you spoiled when you saw me? Or did you miss me? Let them be your victims. Come here. Come here. Mucize. Mucize. Mucize. Mucize. Mucize. Müezza fell in love with me. She’s looking into my eyes for minutes. All of you come here I am going What kind of movement is it? Where’s your fourth? Where’s your mother? The miracle (Mucize) can’t catch me. The miracle (Mucize) can’t catch me. I’m looking for you everywhere, Kudret. Please don’t leave the kittens alone. Otherwise, other cats will kidnap the kittens. Come here. I brought you dinner. Kudret. My daughter. Please don’t leave the kittens alone again. You don’t have to go to look for food. You already live under my balcony. I’m gonna hear from you. You should never leave this site again. Why don’t you talk to your mother? Brother Onur brings us dinner, you say. Mom, what are you doing on other sites? Other cats will kidnap us, Miracle (Mucize), all you do is mischief. I’ll complain to everyone. You’re a very naughty cat. The most naughty cat is Miracle(Mucize). You look cute when you see the camera. When the camera shuts down, you’re being naughty. Why don’t you go and eat Mucize? You’il cry when the food’s over. I got you kitten food. You didn’t eat that food. You’re eating your mother’s food. Part 8: Festive morning with cats. I got you a holiday present. Wet food.Do you like it? We’re going to do a wet-eating contest We will vote on Youtube. Whoever wins as a result of the vote, I will get him a pack of wet food. Please don’t spill it on the carpet. Why do you think you’re a big cat? You eat separately from your brothers. You eat your mother’s food. I’m gonna rewind and watch the video. I’m gonna rewind and watch the video. I’m gonna find the best eater on the video. As far as I’m watching, Müezza eats very well. Because you eat even those who fall down. Good for you Kudret come here. Don’t eat the kittens’ food Go and eat your own food. Normally you have to feed them. You shouldn’t eat their food. What kind of mother are you? You shouldn’t eat their food Yeah yeah. Don’t let him eat. You’re the only one. Can you leave the kittens alone? Can you get it out of here? I’m gonna be mad at you I’m gonna be mad at you You mix food You will go there. The miracle (Mucize) will come here. Miracle (Mucize). Can you quit your mother’s food and come here? What happened? She pee. She made sand? Now listen to me. I’m telling you all. One of you didn’t know how to shit. Which of you don’t know how to poop? Between you have your ass smeared on the wall. I’m going to take a DNA test and solve this. Which one of you pooped on the wall? Tell me. Not your mother’s. I know your mother. She’s digging for an hour to poop. She digs for an hour. Then she poops. Delicate(Narin). I don’t suspect you at all. I don’t suspect you at all. Maybe Delicate(Narin) is doing it. No. Delicate(Narin) certainly does not. She’s doing it very smoothly. I don’t suspect Müezza too. I suspect you. Because; You’re running too crooked. You may be doing it I’m gonna put a hidden camera in this room I’il find out who did it. And I’m gonna humiliate him. Hello friends Now we’re going to feast with the cats. Let’s see if they wake up. They slept early last night. to wake up early in the morning. Entering the room When did you wake up? There’s 1 left here. Come first, let’s feast. But you always misbehave. Come first, let’s feast. Müezza. My daughter. Come on, girl. I’il kiss you first. Why do you afraid so much? I feel so sorry for this. Look at these.Look at these. Miracle come here I am so sorry. I thought you were a Miracle. You’re Delicate. Go on and be naughty, like your brothers. Kudret come here. I want to kiss you. What are you doing, girl? How are you doing? Did the kittens kiss you? Today is festal. Today is festal. See friends. There’s a cat there who thinks he’s a rabbit. Benek That cat food is Jennifer’s. Please don’t eat. You leave the smell there. Jennifer gets angry. You have your own food in your room. You should go eat it. Müezza Müezza, when did you get here? Come here Yes, Müezza, you should go in there. You’re a naughty cat No balcony. Please follow the rules. Benek. Going to the balcony is forbidden. If you don’t follow the rules, you’il never get out of the room again. Only Jennifer can come out. No balcony Come back. Come here. I told friends you were trained cats. Cats listening. You humiliated me. What are you doing Who is it? What did you find there? Naughty cat. If you’re thirsty, I can get water. Don’t let Jennifer come out of her room. Even Müezza gets very angry when we say Jennifer. Don’t make me move like that Müezza. Don’t make me move like that Müezza. I tickle her Giving Up Why are you making such moves? You want to make you love yourself. Where are those naughty cats? You didn’t go to the balcony, did you? Where did you get this energy in the morning? Don’t yell at your sister, please. Who is this? Are you Delicate (Narin)? Come here. I want to take you. Delicate (Narin) is our favorite cat. I want to kiss her. Müezza, I was joking. I love you the most. The female cats are very calm. Male cats are very moving. Why do you act like that to me? Why did you make this room like this? I’il humiliate you. Naughty cats Müezza, could you go to your room, please? I woke you up. Because it’s a holiday. But you always misbehave. You’re three now. Where is the fourth cat? Miracle (Mucize) come here Miracle is the brother of other cats. But he looks much bigger and much fatter than them. Because this friend eats the most food. This friend drinks the most milk. He never gives it to his brothers. Then I’m gonna tickle him now. Then I’m gonna tickle him now. Miracle. My daughter Why am I calling you a girl? Tell me, I’m a male cat. He wants to get rid of me now. He wants to be naughty with his brothers. Isn’t that right, girl? Look, I said, girl again. I said, girl again. Then I’m leaving you. Kudret come. Now she will beat you. Müezza. I feel so sorry when you do that. Why are you staying away from your brothers? Why don’t you play with them? I made a joke to you. You’re not adopted. You look like your father. So your color is different. You’re not adopted. What are you doing Kudret? Don’t make psycho moves. Do not make me angry You should talk to your daughter and tell her the truth Tell her. You’re not adopted. You took your father. Don’t look at me like that You want to play games? Chapter 9: New nests for cats found Son. You’re so happy we found a new home. Müezza Did you get used to the new home? Just like you wanted. It has a huge garden. The miracle runs like crazy. Mucize Come here Miracle. Can you show us how happy you are I want to show you the new home. How happy he is, my son. Müezza. Do you still smell your new house? The garden is this way. Come here Kudret come. Your mother’s coming. Your mother’s coming. Escape Come here. I must show you Come here Are you happy or not? We want to see Show me how happy you are. Show me how happy you are. How happy you are in your new home. Please don’t break those flowers. Or they’il throw you out of here. Miracle (Mucize) has gone mad. Get. lick my hand I’il eat your nose I’il eat your feet Let him go. Let him walk around in his new house. You wanna play hide-and-seek? Kittens had a very nice house. It was a very nice family. They will be very happy here. There are cats everywhere. This is a very nice neighborhood with no traffic. In the next video, I’m going to show the new houses of the other cats. Thank you very much for watching. You can support us by watching other videos and subscribing to the channel.

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